He's just not that into you!!!


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I have the calender of the book on my desk. There is a page for everyday with bits from the book, opinions, stories etc. Really like it and its all quite true! :p
It's Amanda's (Loopy) and my bible! *lol*
Oh...Excellent!!!! :D :D
I haven't got a copy of this book but think I'll get one just for the fun of it!!! Reckon I've got Christmas pressies sewn up for a couple of girlies!!! :D :D
Ordered! :D
There was a whole episode on sex and the city about "he's just not into you" - was quite eye opening!
Karen, yeah that's where the book idea came from. The guy who wrote it was the screen-writer for that episode and apparently it had such an impact that he decided to write the book .. from a man's perspective :rolleyes:
It's a good price on Amazon at the moment....go for it, Karen! ;)
My book arrived today and it is bl*&dy hilarious!!!!! :D Wish it had been around before I got married!! :D Just joking, of course! ;)
This book is exactly whats wrong with the world.

I for one couldnt stand his condesending manner and like it or not - life isnt that simple.

His philsophy is that a woman shouldnt chase a bloke really under any circumstance...as men are the natural hunters - its up to him

Wheres the fun in that???

The guy who wrote his sections is a berk.

Sorry you don't agree Ivy...but that's whats so great in the world the fact that we are all different and have different aspects of appreciation, hun.

Anyone that wants a light hearted look (and an explanation) as to why Men appear to be from a different planet then this is definitely a good humoured - and at times insightful - read!

Have fun...:D
Ah sure i scathing cos i actually bought it...i took it back to the shop sssssssh :)

Am not really a fan of Sex in the City either...so maybe its just my taste...cant stand that show.

I think I should read this book...mmmmm????...:D