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Hi!! Is ww for me?

Hi everyone!

Im Catherıne, Mum to 2 boys and lıvıng ın Turkey. I am ready to shıft the baby weıght now and lookıng for whıch dıet plan to start. I dıd WW a few years ago and lost about 2 stone but recently I have been lookıng at slımmıng world. I have been tryıng to follow SW for a couple of days but wıthout any ınformatıon (no meetıngs of any sort here) Im fındıng ıt all a bıt dıffıcult and am doıng ıt wrong. Do you thınk WW would work for me? There seems to be more ınformatıon onlıne about poınts values. Another problem I am fındıng wıth SW ıs that I really dont eat much fruıt or veg and there ıs a huge emphasıs on these 'superfree' foods.

I am wıllıng to sıgn up onlıne to eıther of these but ıts a lot of money when Im not sure whıch route to go down.

I have about 3 stone to lose.

So for example today I have had 28g of cocopops wıth ss mılk and a cup of tea - I thınk thıs ıs 5.5. syns on SW, how many poınts would ıt be on ww?

Thank you ın advance :)
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hi dinky-cath its 2pts for 30g of coco pops not sure about 28g and 100ml of ss milk is 1pt hope this helps i tried sw and found i ate too much free food and the syns seemed to high but thats probably to compensate for the free foods it suits some people and i did lose on it i just lack motivation every now and then but trying to reel myself in ww is good for eating out and variety good luck with what you choose as your life plan.
Thank you - After some more readıng thıs mornıng I have decıded that WW ıs the plan for me. It helps me to vıew foods as a value and then if I want a treat I can have one so long as I have planned accordingly.


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Just wanted to say both plans are very good and do work.

Personally though I found my appetite increasing with SW and found it more and more difficult to keep to. With WW I can still eat the same things (and more) without worrying too much so long as I keep within my points.


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from personal experience slimming world is great:) i never thought id be a stone and half pound down in 5 wks.its easy to follow although it may take a week or two to grasp it!
lucky u living in turkey:pi wish i was still there i lived there most of last year its a beautiful country :D


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I agree with Starlight. WW is all about portion control... but basically anything goes if you have the pp for it. I prefer it for the most part over slimming world.

I found that SW is all about adapting your diet. I found it very hard going without my porridge AND bread during the day, because I didnt want to syn the bread =P I think all of the meat, and such a lack of solid food didn't really work that well for me. But I did find I was a lot more relaxed on SW as you knew you could always have a mullerlight if you got really hungry =P

If you have a WW calculator and the internet, you can basically DIY the WW diet, but you really rely on classes/books for SW.

In my experience of the classes - they were both really friendly, but the ww is a lot shorter, and I did prefer this - spent 2 hours in my first SW class!

Both diets do have their positives and negatives, its about finding what works for YOU.


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Welcome :) i love Turkey my sisters hubby is Turkish :character00238:
I love WW,you can eat what you want and if you fancy a treat you can have one :D
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As other people have said I too did SW and struggled because I wasn't learning about portion control & couldn't stick to it because I wanted more 'syns'.
I've only been doing WW since 9th Feb and I love it. You really can have whatever you like as long as you stick within your daily points & your weeklies.

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