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Historical novels


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What do you think of this genre? I am a great fan of Alison Weir (I think this is the way it is spelt:eek:), as she introduces English History in such an interesting way! History is love that I share with my dear mum, but unfortunately, I don't have the profile of an historian, if you see what I mean. Plus, not being English, I have not learnt all these fantastic facts at school! Who said that imagination was better than reality?:p

I really like Elizabeth Chadwick as well. She uses medieval British History as the background for her various novels: love it. All these strong knights in shining armour...:rolleyes:

I also really like the Egyptian series of Christian Jacq :D

And what about you? If you like this genre, what appeals to you? Or what repulses you?

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I love Margaret Forster novels. She also writes historical novels. Loved Lady's Maid about Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning :)


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I have no idea who these 2 people are :eek: but thanks for a fresh idea KD!


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I have no idea who these 2 people are :eek: but thanks for a fresh idea KD!
They were both poets, though I only know one of EB poems off the top of my head. You've probably heard it before

How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach,
When feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
Philipa Gregory is a fantastic author of Tudor based historical fiction.
Philipa Gregory is a fantastic author of Tudor based historical fiction.

Philipa Gregory ya say? great stuff -am fascinated by that era. Tho I am doing a module in my degreeferom hat period (Early modern late 15th /16th century) and some of the actual stuff from the time is very good too. I really enjoyed Thomas More's 'Utopia' -surprisingly easy to read.
I love Chriatin Jacq and also other historical novels. I like them when they haev a long serois of books. Cynthia Harrod Eagles is light reading but she follows a well to do yorkshire family from 15th 16 cebtury to present day.
Philippa Gregory is fantastic! I have read most of her books, and none of them let you down, as they are based loosely round the facts, so you learn something but she makes them so juicy with the romance and drama that you cant put them down!
I love Phillippa Gregory, I haven't read her earlier books, but have read all the ones set in the Tudor times. I'm on the waiting list at the Library for her new book (can't remember what it's called now).

I also read my first Jean Plaidy book. I'd heard her name bandied about but when I looked at the books in the library they were all hard-backed with old-fashioned covers and a bit scruffy looking. Anyway her books have been re-released with new shiny more modern looking covers, and I borrowed "The Queen's Husband" (about Queen Victoria and Prince Albert) and I love it! yet I wouldn't have borrowed it if it hadn't have been a book with a new cover!
I read many Jean Plaidy books years ago and loved them. She also writes as Victoria Holt. Think I'll start Reading them again.

I read my first Philippa Gregory book when the film came out and have enjoyed Reading her others too
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