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Holiday advice


Less of a man each day
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Hello not been out of the country for a long time and v little experience.

After a recent little windfall I'm in the position to dig out my passport, in date just, and head somewhere different. I've settled on Thailand and no I'm not coming back with a wife! Had that gag from mother and ex's mum.

A few people I know have been and loved it both couples and loners like me. It seems very nice, fairly cheap once you're there and has lots to do and explore. Religious places/architecture, elephant rides, water sports, trekking etc... and hopefully a laid back atmosphere and nice weather.

Just wondering what advice people had. I'm looking at May next year and around 10 days.

Hopefully loose some weight by then so I don't get harpooned by the japanese whaling fleet when I go on the beach.
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Now to maintain.....
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you'll need to check how in date your passport is.
countries have a set date on how long after your propsed holiday your passport must be valid.
for example it must be valid for 6 weeks after your proposed return date.
not sure how long thailand expect but you should be able to check online.


Less of a man each day
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It's got a year or so on it so should be fine.
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A year from now? Many countries need 6 months on it from the date of travel. Sorry. And I'd love to go to thailand
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I've also heard Thailand is brill, it's definately on my list of places to visit.

Have you checked the weather for May? Also check out lots of websites for ideas on places to stay, places of interest. If you are thinking of sight seeing I start an itinerary, also make a note of where I've got my info from. I also have an excel spreadsheet with a list of prices for various hotels, tours, train journeys.

I also download a map & hightlight where the places are I want to visit.

As you can tell I love my holidays & a lot of planning goes into getting exactly what I want.

Enjoy spending:D


Less of a man each day
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Just reading up, as long as I enter with 10,000 Thai Baht I can stay for up to 30 days with no visa. Thats approx £212!

Already started planning. Phuket seems to be a good place, James Bond Island easy distance. Weather is fine in May, occasional short showers. Like a min or two then sunny again.

Passport Expires April 2012, loadsa time on it
Never been to Thailand but I imagine its quite similar to Malaysia, where I have been, and thats an amazing place. I want to go back there one day but I fear that the lottery may be the only chance I have - and that would mean buying a ticket...

Have an amazing time!
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We went there for our honeymoon many years ago and it was fantastic.

My bro' lived there until he died in June and absolutely adored it. Had a wonderful lifestyle. My sister ( the other one for those who know Gill ) has a house there as well and lives there 6 months of the year. She is there now until the end of Feb.

Both houses are in Chang Mai.

Thailand is still very ,very cheap. You can eat out for pennies.

Don't worry Chris......the Japanese whaling fleet have moved on........you are safe.
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I've never been, not sure if I want to, but it looks amazing.

Pop to a book store and buy a Lonely Planet guide to Thailand. We've used these in the past and are amazing. They tell you where the best places to stay, eat, visit and on all budget ranges too! My California Lonely Planet guide got a right good bashing, I can tell you! But it really did help!

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