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Holiday help!


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I'm away with my sister and kids to enniskillen and am desperate to stay on track. Would someone help me syn today?

Breakfast- apple

Lunch- mandarin buffet: two plates : scoop of fried rice, noodles (fried), nine pieces of various chicken bits that were all fried and in batter, no sauce other than was on 4 bits of chicken.
That's each plate

Dinner- banana and pint of diet coke.

I'd really really appreciate help on this one as I'm quite close to goal (6.5lbs)

Thanks x
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The Chinese- I know it's random and not very detailed but I felt so guilty I couldn't eat after (bar a banana ). Does it help that I didn't eat apart from that? Thanks x
Tbh it's a bit hard to judge as its all very vague guesstimates about quantity and content. It's going to be high as it's all fried, battered etc. You would be best just putting it behind you and starting again from tomorrow.

If you want to try and work it out based on how much you think you ate these are rough syn values from the takeaway section of the book:

Fried rice: 300g = 21.5 on Red/4 on Green/EE
Fried noodles: - no data but expect it would be similar to fried rice
9 fried chicken bits in batter: closest I can find is "sweet & sour chicken in batter": 320g = 17.5 on Red/EE; 25.5 on Green

It's not the end of the world, they're not sky high and you didn't really eat breakfast/tea - which you should really even if you do over do it at lunch or whatever, no point starving yourself and you can always eat limitless free food at any time, irrespective of what else you've eaten that day.
As I said, put it behind you, youre away and its done now, just do the best you can in the circumstances. Good luck x :)
yes i agree with ermintrude its difficult to no what exactly things have been fried in etc so put it behind you and get exercising hehe :D


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Thanks- I'm just glad I didn't eat a lot! That's the only thing I don't like about sw- very hard when you're our and about and there's nothing you can really choose from! Thanks girls x

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