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Hovis Granary


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Hi Guys,

Can anybody tell me if 2 x slices of Hovis Original Granary (400g) can be used as a HEXB???


Sadly it's not cos it's gorgeous! I bought this and I think the calorie content of one slice is around 100 cals as it's a thick slice (if it's the one i'm thinking of).
Even though it's a 400g loaf they are big slices.
It's not on the official list of HEX on the website though, i've just checked. I "allowed" myself one slice and called it a HEX B (naughty girl!)


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If it's not on the official list then it can't be counted as a HEX. I've just had a look on the website, it's 4.5 syns a slice.

Jay x
Oh my god!!!!!!

No wonder I didn't loose more this week pmsl.

Thanks for that Jay, well I won't be having any of that again

Gail x
Its because of all the seeds in them, seeds are good for you but unfortunately loaded in calories so not great when you're dieting!, its a shame cos I love granary bread and its what I miss the most
Does anyone know if spelt and rye bread is okay as a hex b?
I bought a really nice loaf from Morrisons, assuming it was! 2 slices is 57g, so the weight is fine - just worried about whether it counts as officially wholemeal or not :S Now I'm worried I'll have to give it away! It's lovely too :(

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