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How do you calculate?


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Ok, So I have lost 27lbs - to me that is 1lb off 2 stone, yeah? I was 15 Stone 5lbs when I started so when I hit 13 Stone 5lbs I would normally say that I have lost 2 Stone - but 13 Stone 5 to 15 Stone 5 is 30 lbs! Confuzzled! :confused: How do you calculate your stones lost?
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It really does work! :)
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Maths in the morning! :)

14lbs in one stone.

15s 5lb to 15st = 5lb
15st to 14st = 14lb
14st to 13st 5lb = 9lb

Add them up....28lb divide by 14 = 2stones! :)

Hope that helps.
Here is where you are going wrong

you said (but 13 Stone 5 to 15 Stone 5 is 30 lbs! Confuzzled) this is where you have gone wrong, your calculation should be 13 stone 5 - 15 stone 5 is 2 stone which = 28lbs.


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I get confused when my advisor tells me weight KG lol


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also wha i used to do was example
and what i realised was there was NO 14st 14lb is 15stone!
Hope you get me xxx
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I get weighed in kilos.... I hate that!!! But Reena (my pharmacist) converts it for me each time. 1 lb sounds so much more than 1/2 a kilo!!!!


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Yeah my pharmacy also weighs me in kg's but converts it for me! :D

1st = 14lbs honey.
So when you have lost 28lbs thats 2st.
If you have lost 30lbs thats 2st 2lbs.


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I have said it before and I will say it again ...... over and over until somebody does something about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whoever put 14 lbs in a stone and 16 ounces in a pound WANTS SHOOTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't you just see them - sitting up there on their little cloud - laughing at how confusing it all is to us????? GRRRRRRR!! xx

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