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how many bars


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Some people stall on one a week (that includes me). Otherwise I don't think there's a specific limit but they can cause toilet trouble so I wouldn't go over one per day.


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I can have an Atkins endulge bar a day without any trouble.


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I don't have one every day, and make sure it's within my carb count
depends how may you can afford !!! i have one a day x
I loved them to start with, thought I'd discovered something fabulous whilst on a diet, had one bar every day for a week and lets just say (without being crude) couldnt leave the bathroom for two days and vowed to never eat them again-EVER!

Atkins bars never stalled my weight loss but the 'bathroom' side effects are simply too horrific, dont do it, listen to people who have been there because regrettably I didnt!!! x


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Atkins brand bars don't have a laxative effect on me, but Thornton's diabetic chocolate bars have to be experienced to be believed! :eek:

If you can do the diet without the bars you will lose much quicker - I went back to proper induction for the last two weeks to get into a dress and dropped a few pounds quick as anything. As soon as I go back on the bars (ie yesterday) :rolleyes: I gain.


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Atkins brand bars don't have a laxative effect on me, but Thornton's diabetic chocolate bars have to be experienced to be believed! :eek:
3 thorntons diabetic chocolate and 2 small bits of vanilla toffee = baaaaaad combination! lol!

If I eat more than 1 or 2 tdc its game over for me!

I'm good with the bars tho - no bathroom trouble with them. I have no doubt they slow my losses, but I'm not bothered as long as the scales are still moving in the right direction!
I only really buy these on the move but they are soo expensive! But they do make me full. I have 1 every 3 days or so not sure if it stalls me but i dont get toilet trouble lol xx
ya 2 quid a bar they are a lot but great on go or at work if i dont get chance to make brekkie
so far no change in toilet movemment hahaha
today this bars saved me from getting off the diet again. i got a terrible sugar craving for 2 days, and today got only brekfast and went to the gym at 4 pm. after one hour work out, i absolutely felt like going to the nearest coffee shop and eat all brownies and whatever sweets available. then i thought about this atkings bar you mentioned here and got one indulge from nearby Boots. delicious!!!!!!!!!!!! and then, i am not proud, i try 2 advantage bars a s well. i know it was a greedy bit but comparing with what would have happened if i got a sneakers only.......then i would have s****d the whole idea of dieting for at least another 3 days.
yes the bars have saved me so many times, they are bit expensive but defo worth it and saved me from cracking up so many times

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