How much is a kilo?

i believe 1 kilo is equivalent to 2.2 lbs

i hope I'm right
Yep that's right
Thanks guys!

Reason I was wondering is cos my luggage felt really heavy when I went on holiday and I remember that it was weighed at the airport and was 20 kilos and I was thinking I wonder if Ive lost that much....
Just worked out that what i've lost since May equates to how heavy my luggage was, plus the weight of my partner's luggage (38 kilos in total)
(I could barely drag my case, never mind lift wonder I was so nackered walking up and down to the beaches last year, Im just imagining carrying both cases round with me, cos in effect thats what I was doing!!!!)

It makes you wonder how you coped with all the excess fat doesnt it!! I picked up my daughter the other day and thought the same thing as i've lost how much she weighs - well al lbut a couple of pounds. Couldnt believe i used to have that amount of fat on me. Unbelievable!!!!