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How will I know when i'm there??

Welcome to CD!! this is a fab forum!! loads of help and advice and GREAT support!!

You can buy special sticks - actually called KETOSTIX from your pharmacy...... you basically wee on them and then the change colour, match it against the chart on the tube it comes in and that will tell if your in ketosis or not. Another sign of being in ketosis is being freezing cold!
different people feel different things, for me i dont feel cold, but i do have crap breath :( (even though i clean loads)
I have a general lack of hunger
I have more energy although this comes and goes.
The sticks can be unpredicatable, some people get little or no colour change, so don't rely on them :eek:) Ultimately if you are doing ss100% then you will go into ketosis, unless you are a scientific curiosity :)

Welcome btw and good luck!

im on day 4 and im pretty sure im not in ketosis because im still feeling really hungry


Cambridge Consultant
Wishing you all the best on your cd journey.. its a fab diet and this forum is great for help and advice and sharing experiences with others.

I have never used the ketosis sticks and Im on week 15, after day 3 I new I was in it . i wasnt hungry anymore I was freezing cold and I just new I was in.

Good luck on your journey xx
Hi All

I'm on day 3 also and still feeling very hungry, am nearly ready to commit murder if my hubby comes anywhere near me with his tea! My CDC said that I should start ketosis tomorrow or Friday and then should feel better. I really do hope so!
Anyway this is my first post, but I love this forum already. Everyone seems so lovely. I'm hoping that it might help me to keep on the straight and narrow.

Sylv x
Hi All

I have never felt the burst of energy in ketosis but I have not felt cold either!
Some people seem to feel it more, but for me, once the headaches went, I knew I was there! x
i only ever had 1 headache and that was on my 2nd day and i got a bit moody, since then ive felt the same, not headachy or cold, just hungry nearly all the time and im on day 5? anyone else not have ketosis kick in till after 5/6 days??


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I get cold feet mostly, wake up very early and I'm wide awake. I have more energy, but on the downside, I get stinky breath
see i think ive got the smelly breath but im not sure, i definately have a wierd taste in my mouth tho but im still knackerd every morning when i get up?! grr why did th bf have to lose those ketostix

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