Hungarian Grand Prix

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  1. EllieG

    EllieG Silver Member

    Did anyone else see the qualifying ?? :eek:

    Alonso deliberately sat in the pits blocking Lewis so he wouldn't have time to get a last lap. :mad: What a cheat.

    Ron Dennis looked as furious as I've ever seen him - the way he grabbed Alonso's trainer and made him go with him. Would love to hear what he says to Alonso.

    Wonder if he'll be sacked immediately, can't see him staying at McLaren another year given he's already had warnings.

    Hope Lewis wins fair and square tomorrow, although think Alonso should be sent to the back of the field for deliberate blocking.
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  3. MsJMC

    MsJMC Strong women stay slim

    Lewis to win , after all hes from my home town , his mum works with my sister too .
  4. Alonso needs to go but I don't think they'll sack him mid-season given the drivers and constructors championships are still at stake- but if I were Lewis I don't know how I stop myself from dropping him!
  5. EllieG

    EllieG Silver Member

    Same here.
    Was very impressed with Lewis' composure afterwards although you could tell he was furious he spoke very diplomatically.

    Be an interesting race tomorrow at least !
  6. Glorious_Day

    Glorious_Day Banned

    Well Alonso's actions didn't have the desired affect........ Hamilton has been promoted to pole position, Alonso has been taken back 5 places down the grid........ and to top it all of the McLaren team will recieve no point's in the constructors championship for the race.....
  7. Alonso is soooo sacked once this season is over!
  8. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Looking forward to seeing the race....GO LEWIS!!!!!!
  9. EllieG

    EllieG Silver Member

    Nice to see the stewards doing their jobs and not listening to the silly story Alonso/Ron Dennis conncocted. And that they were consistent with Fisichella also being dropped 5 places for a similar offence :)

    Not impressed with Ron Dennis though - trying to cover for Alonso to save any action being taken and blaming Lewis for it. He may have disobeyed team orders in not letting Alonso through at the start of Q3 - although his reasons sound emminently sensible to me - but that had nothing to do with Alonso blocking Lewis :mad:

    Here's to a great race - now if only Lewis could win with Coulthard second that would make my day :D
  10. EllieG

    EllieG Silver Member


    Great result :D
  11. Casper

    Casper Member

    Hi everyone

    I'm a newby here, just joined. I am a ferrari supporter, and although I'm disappointed Kimi didn't win, am glad Alonso didn't. Can't believe that McLaren would blame Lewis, its not fair at all! What a cheek! Anyway, good result, sort of lol!
  12. jennieh1980

    jennieh1980 Full Member

    I missed it!!!!!! Gutted, I was visiting my Mum.

    I'm a Maclaren supporter, always have been, don't like Alonso though

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