Hypnosis/alternative therapies for weight loss

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  1. JodieJoJo

    JodieJoJo Silver Member

    Is anybody having hypnosis or another therapy alongside doing CD?

    I remember seeing a thread by Sam and wondered how she is getting on?

    I definitely think I need some psychological assistance if I'm going to banish these food demons once and for all.

    Any experiences/ideas?
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  3. minilady

    minilady Gold Member

    cambridge diet

    I posted on another thread you started earlier. I am having similar problems as yourself:hug99: so can understand what you must be going through.

    I've had hypnotherapy, but it wasn't quite enough for me. Sam has found it has helped her though, although she has stated that she dosen't binge. I am a binger so I decided to bite the bullet and have a chat with my GP (who was lovely:)) It was quite embarrassing admitting all, but it made me feel a lot better afterwards. GP has written to a specialist and I'm just waiting for a referral. Bit scared about the whole thing, but excited at the same time. I just feel I need to let go of a lot of emotional baggage, I know what the baggage is but letting go of it is difficult so I need to bring in the big guns;):D

  4. JodieJoJo

    JodieJoJo Silver Member

    Thanks Tracey, i wish you the best of luck with it, please let me know how you get on. Has your gp referred you to a counsellor who specialises in food disorders?
    I hadnt thought of going to my gp to be honest. I suppose I've never considered the way i eat to be a medical problem although i know that I never eat "normally" - i either diet or binge so maybe i have got a problem that i didnt realise?
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    I'm seriously considering it but I guess it works for some and not for others. Is it expensive?
  6. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    last I heard from Sam (last week, I think) she was still doing well - only challenging time has been her TOTM which historically has been difficult for her but she was still going well. I think it is worth a try and I am going to have a couple of sessions once I'm on food again. Just to help me in the first few weeks
  7. minilady

    minilady Gold Member

    cambridge diet

    Hi JJJ

    Yes GP has, I'll have to talk to them about it and then I'll be under a cognitive therapist (I think that's what will happen according to GP).

    I hadn't really thought about it before as like you it's something I've always done. Since losing the weight though I've thought more and more about it. I don't want to regain any weight and I guess thats given me a wake up call to address the problem, whereas before I was fat anyway so another binge didn't feel like a big deal, I just told myself I was greedy.

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