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IF you loveeeeeeeeee crisps you will be laughing :D

OMG i forgot to mention following weigh in last night one of the members brought some home made crisps in FREEEEEEEEEE they are lasagne sheets par boilet to soften cut up and sprayed with fry light to help make crisp and cooked in the oven you can add chilli flakes use laughing cow as a dip my OH was bouncing off teh wall he likes his crisps he also lost 2.5 pounds so hes a pound infront of me :p BUT hey the crisps i was soooo excited when im feeling like i need a pig out i can make them and feel naughty without been naughty heheh :D:D
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im sure there was a debate about whether these really were free or not.
pasta sheets are free arent they ??? NOOOOOOOOOOO ;'(, was just reading your diary its nice to read about other people gives you inspiration :D im trying the sucess express i think im understanding it but shall see lol :D ive not got on my own scales yet and i dont think im going to get on them anymore because i panic if they dont read what i want to see :D lol xx
Yes it is a bit debatable as to whether theyre free or not...and now I can't remember the outcome! A woman brought them into my club once. I bit into one and my tooth nearly fell out!
I don't understand why they would be debateable? If you are able to have as much pasta as you like....and you can make lasagne and eat it (in theory) with the skinny cows come home...they why should their be a debates just because the item is cooled another way?


rainbows holiday buddy :)
according to my consultant they have a sin value.

my explanation is really crap but basically one of the reasons is that when you eat pasta you would normally eat it as a meal with a sauce, but if you ate lasagne sheets as crisps you would eat more pasta than you would as a made up meal (lasagne with sauce) and also the crisps would be eaten as a snack so you would be eating empty calories as they wouldn't really fill you up....or something like that!
I get that...but if you are are aloud as much as you like...then you could technically eat lasagna 4 times a day and who is the say how many layers that consists of.....

Oh well...doesn't matter. I am not bothered about eating crisps at the minute so I guess it doesn't really matter too much. hahaha
My consultant says these type things ('crisps', 'doritoes', 'twiglets', 'soynuts', 'couscous cake', etc) are all free unless/until they slow your weight loss down and then cut them out.
We had this debate in class a few weeks ago and our consultant stated that they do have syn values. We were all gutted !!!
Apparently its something to do with the fact that they are an empty snack and that you would probably consume excessive amounts of the pasta sheets and they wouldn't fill you up. Sorry I can't explain it better. :sigh:
We had a tasting session at our club last week and were also told that these crisps were FREE me and sis got rather excited hmmmm think ill ask again this week
Personally, I don't think it matters what your consultant says as they all will have different views on it - I'm sure there's probably an 'official' SW line about it (probably syns) but I'm a firm believer in doing what works for you. So...if you're able to 'tweak' the programme and still lose and it stops you from craving or bingeing on things like cake and crisps, then go for it. But be prepared for a slower weight loss or that you may have to cut these things out in future to get to your target. (this is just my opinion as a layperson who has done tons of diets including SW a few times in the past!)
the reason i thought they may have a syn value is that when you eat pasta and you boil it the amount of calories per lets say cm2 of pasta you have is low, whereas for these lasagne crisps per cm2 (with the fry light added as well) there is a high density of calories to the amount of food therefore less filling but more calories. i dont know i have never tried them


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We were told they're free at our group. I thought they sounded horrible but was quite surprised, they're not bad! They're a bit of a pain to make so I wouldn't make them very often. They're also very filling, not like a packet of crisps. So long as you're not eating them very often, I don't see what the problem is. I prefer the twiglet ones, they're easier to make too!
i have never tried them ot much of a crisp person and if i did i probs would count them as free, just passing on what i heard lol

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