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I'm going to be a mummy! (Non-Atkins thread)


Clean green leafy machine
yey!!!!!!!!!!! as long as to furry babies ill let you ;)


omg the one - siz young cats - the white one with the black bits on face- love it! oh and pernod - quite apt for you :)


Clean green leafy machine
There are some real cuties aren't there? Hope it's cool to start a new thread but I will probably go on about them a bit so best to contain it :)

So name them after alcohol? :) I remember a tv series where this woman was telling a story about her uncle who called his dog "Looks like rain" - and it cracked all the neighbours up when he went to call it inside :)


Clean green leafy machine
George and Lenny? Yes they are very cute - terrible story tho :(
I want Lock Stock and Barrel. Sooo kewt!!

Don't like to say this Susie, but some of those London cats are awfully dog-shaped...:eek:
I like the way the site gives their story. I think more should do that. I'd have em all if I could. Its about time neutering was made compulsory to anyone without a breeders licence.

I like Dutch and her adopted kitten (the one thats likely to lose his eye)...nice cat to adopt a strange kitten and I have a one eyed cat so have an special undertanding of them. All my other cats wink much more than most cats, not sure if they think its normal or whether theyre taking the p outta Flo but its amusing.


Clean green leafy machine
LOL Water and thx all. Will keep you posted.