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Im New Here


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Hi all, Im new here, my mum and my dad are also starting lipotrim on monday and was looking for some advice.

We have done lighterlife before last year so know the basics. Is it the same?

many thanks

Steph xx :)

High Steph, welcome to you and you Ma and Pa - I| think LL is the same diet as LT BUT you go to a councellor each week to 'chat' about your progress etc , whereas with LT it's just the chemist who will weigh and measure you and work out you BMI - any questions you want answering just ask as there will be someone on here that has been there and done that:D


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Welcome to LT madness..yeah, it is very similar to LL so you know what to expect!!
How fab is it you're doing it as a family..you will beable to support each other in rough times...If you have any questions, there is always loads people on here to answer x
Good luck on cracking your first week, although you wont need it!
well we're cleaning the cupboards out this weekend so there is nothing to tempt us, I'll be honest i found LL really hard the councelling sessions were a chat between other members the woman who was supposed to be the councellor wasnt!

With LL too we got 4 packs a day. with this you get 3? and men get 2?

if im right?

Any help would be great

many thanks

Steph xx :cool:
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GOOOOOOOOOOO TEAM "B"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well we're cleaning the cupboards out this weekend so there is nothing to tempt us, i'll be honest i found ll really hard the councelling sessions were a chat between other members the woman who was supposed to be the councellor wasnt!

With ll too we got 4 packs a day. With this you get 3? And men get 2?

If im right?

Any help would be great

many thanks

steph xx :cool:
well how fricking super cool are you eh? Big team b - all ready to rock and roll on the lt diet! Awesome!!

I just love it! Great when a whole family gets together and focuses and supports eachother on achieving a goal!

My mum & her bf are also doing lt and my dad and his wife have reached goal and are on maintenance - i also have a friend on lt tooooo!

Its great to have people you love and care for to share this experience with!

Wow - its going to be so awesome - in 2 months time you will continuously be looking at eachother and getting freaked out by all the super cool sexy transformations that are happening right before your very eyes!

Me and mum always have a laugh when we get together and show how big our trousers have got and notice all the little changes that just keep spurring us on!

I assume your family name begins with b - so im not referring to you as team b in a negatory as if you arent the a-team or something :d lol!

Im sure you lot will do ace on this diet!

Good luck to u all

luv julz

ps im mad :d

Hi Julz thanks for your message :D

yeah our last name begins with b so we dont mind being team b ha ha!

We all did LL together too including my sister but she isn't interested in this sort of diet again. We're going to bulgaria in the middle of september we was hoping to lose a few pounds.

I found it extra hard on LL as im only 15 stone 10 lbs so i found it harder to shift the weight more than the others as they are 20 odd stone each :(

I cheated first too on LL but this time im more determined :)

atleast we're all in 1 house so it might be easier. Me and my mum work together too so we have eachother for support during the day.

Steph xx


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jeeeeeeeze louise!

You deffo are a big team!

Live and work together - jeeeeeze!!! Thats so cool you get on with your mum so well - i get on with my mum too - but im not sure how 24/7 would work! :D lol

WELL - being in a team you got to stay super strong - cos if one feels weak and another one does too - then you can easily all pull eachother down - so make sure you stay focused and make a rule of not to even talk about food or anything negative - just keep focused on your goal of looking like a super sexy team b family on your holiday!

You will deffo change your whole appearance on LT - whats ur BMI??? I started in the obese category and just made it to healthy this week - took me 9 weeks - but the change in my is unbelievable - i look and feel like a new person... its awesome!!!!


S: 11st4lb G: 8st4lb
My BMI is 34 i guess its not too bad but could be better! On LL i lost 2 stones in 10 weeks so it was coming off but a bit slow where as my dad lost 7 1/2 stone in 10 weeks!

I guess i am lucky to get on with my mum so well, i guess its because we're so alike! i do spend the weekend at my fellas though but he's on a diet (not the same one) so it will be a bit harder at the weekend but its no big deal :)

Steph xx


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Good luck team b!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you nxt week when you will al be losing chick x


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Hi Stephb and welcome to the site :D:D:D

Sounds like you have a great family support network going there. Looking forward to reading all about your achievements :)

Lacey xx :)


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welcome stephb & team b!
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Welcome to you Steph and your family.

I don't know much about LL but from what I hear LT is cheaper and you don't have a counsellor, just a chemist who weighs you and may or may not know what they are talking about!!!!!!! LT also has less flavours than CD (not sure about LL).

Men do have 2 shakes but these are bigger and I think they can opt for 4 womens packs instead, or split their packs into 4.

Good luck to you all. It will be great with all of you supporting each other, especially through the first week, which I'm sure you'll remember is the hardest.

Thanks for all your kind welcomes

Yeah LL was £66 a week and LT is £33 for women and £43 for men.
with LL there was quite a few flavours but tbh since LL i've gone off alsorts of "normal" food

like, egg yolks (i will only eat whites now)
cheese ect ect

Steph xx
S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Steph, where do you live? Here in Hampshire I pay £36 and some pay even more!

Good luck with Monday's start.

near wigan (haydockpark racecourse) we have rang a few pharmacies in the area and they charge more than what we're getting it for from this lady we've known years.

Steph xx


on the up lol
hi and welcome Steph :)
Well the day is here :(

so far i've had a pint of water :) im getting hungry now so going to make a lovely shake mmm

strawberry or vanilla??

Steph xx

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