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i'm not angry....just disappointed


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poor sod, james is sat next to feeling wonderful after eating at least 100-150 grams of edam cheese!
it wont knock him out of ketosis apparently, so he can still continue with the diet, but so much for my strong dieting partner!

i'm beginning to think SS definitly isn't for him...

I never though cheese could smell so inviting. But I can't tease him if I give in now, can I?

My determination to be thin massively out ways my desire to chow down, and to think i gave him 2 weeks! ooh, oh, he's picked up the cheese again....!
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well he climbed into bed at 0530 this morning to say he quits, after 2 days. I hope he tries again cuz it would make it easier for me, but ultimately its up to him!


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James here,
Don't worry, I haven't quit just yet.
I just had some Edam (nil carbs) cheese to prevent me collapsing....


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well he's done very well today. As its low/no carb we bought some baby bell cheese and turkey slices for those moments of absolute starvation and weakness. A girl at work today who's be on CD for years said the best things to have if you're really hungry is cheese or a boiled egg, so we're not 'breaking the law'.
so far though, i'm soldiering on with just the shakes :)


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James here again (I guess I should sign up for an account...)

I don't really think 790 is necessary, it was just last night I started feeling pretty unwell so it was either eat something without carbs or quit completely.

I felt extremely weak, and when I went to the shop to get the cheese I felt like I was going to pass out and my leg buckled from under me on the way back and I nearly fell over!

Maybe it was the final crap before going into ketosis because I feel much better today.

I have bought some cheese and some turkey slices in case it happens again but I won't bother with them unless I have to.

It was my first day back at work today (I don't work on Mondays) and I haven't really felt hungry and although I haven't had bags of energy, I haven't felt weak either.

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