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Insect Bites


is working hard.....
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I was just taking down the washing and felt a sharp scratch on my hand - very angry purple mark with a definite puncture hole in its centre.
I've been bitten/stung by something but I know not what! :confused:

I hate insect bites and stings and always react badly - my hand swelled within minutes! I've used my aspivenom (suction thingy that pulls out the poison), put the sting spray on and taken my piriton so all under control now but I hate it all the same!!

One of the perils of summer :wave_cry:


P.S. Does piriton affect weight? :rolleyes:
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Ouch, that sounds nasty, wonder what it was that bit you?! I react quite badly to bites and they always seem to take ages to recover then I'm left with a nice scar. Insects seem to find me particularly juicy, hehe. No idea about the Piriton though, sorry. Hope the bite clears up quickly :)

big bear

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oh no hope that it clears up ok. Not sure re:piriton x


is working hard.....
S: 20st1lb C: 14st12lb G: 12st13lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 5st3lb(25.98%)
I've googled it but can't seem to find any adverse effect on weight so thats good.

My hand is ok - just throbbing a little. Would love to know the little critter that did it though! (Probably insect karma following my 1am slug massacre on Saturday) ;) xx


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Ive been on every type of anti histamine there is and I dont think they affect weight at all.


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We are plagued with mosquitos here, and Izzy in particular gets bitten to high heaven. Plus, she's allergic to the bites so ends up with 50p size welts all over her body that itch and eventually bleed and last for ages. We're lucky--the chemists over here stock all manner of bug-repellant, some of which work a bit although none of them are perfect. But I've been told that Avon Skin-So-Soft spray in Woodland Fresh is a great bug repellent, my mum swears by it. Also, Brewers Yeast tablets work well too--apparently you have to take about 12 a day for a couple of weeks, then bring the level down to 6, then to 3 a day, but once in your system it gives off a scent that the bugs hate. Hopefully only the bugs can smell it! I haven't tried it, but Susan's brother (who is a scout leader and spends most of his summers in bug-infested humid camping grounds) does it all the time and says it really helps. And now that I think of it, he doesn't smell bad :8855:

As for the itching--good ol' calamine lotion, chilled in the fridge. Or a bath with a couple of teaspoons of baking powder tossed in. Someone also told me that teething gel for babies (I think it's Bonjela Ice?--the one that cools their hot little gums...) works wonders applied directly to insect bites.

Hope you feel better soon!


is working hard.....
S: 20st1lb C: 14st12lb G: 12st13lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 5st3lb(25.98%)
slug massacre???

Karma sucks.

Indeed - I went down to get a drink at 1am on Saturday night to discover a fat slimy slug by the bin - yeeuch!(How do they get in?!!!) :eek:

After cleaning everything in sight and deposing the aforementioned slug, I hobbled outside by torchlight to investigate and found an entire army setting forth on my veg patch. :mad:
So I left them some tasty slug pellets to chew their way through instead!

Karma indeed sucks ;) xx


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Avon skin so soft is fantastic against Scottish midgies.

I speak from experience.
AGREED! I go to Scotland every year, before I go I spend two weeks dosing up on anti-histamines and when I am there I slather on the Avon Skin so Soft before we go out - apart from a couple of scalp bites they have left me alone. I was told as well that the lumberjacks up there swear by it too.


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Well I tried everything last year, SSS, vit b tabs, Jungle formula, and not one of them worked! I can't stop picking the bites as they itch so much (and I've tried the spray that calms them down). I end up with purple marks which take all winter to go.
If you could see a puncture I bet it was a horsefly, they're beggars.


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S: 18st6lb C: 17st10lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st10lb(3.88%)
Im sure Ive seen a new product (sorry I cant remember the name - useful I know!) but it was for chicken pox but it might work to stop the itch or try Eurax as recomended to stop itching by my dermatologist. - love that stuff!
I react very badly to mozzie bites - red, hot, hard lumps up to 4 inches across that itch like hell and take about 6 weeks to fade. We live in the tropics at the moment so it was a bit of a problem when I was pregnant and couldn't use any of the more effective repellents but I've found that applying ice a few times in the first 24 hours makes a HUGE difference for me - to pain levels, size of reaction and how long it takes to go. I use the freezer gel packs you get for cold bags as they're less messy than ice cubes but out on hols I'll just grab an ice cube from the nearest bar.

Might be worth a try - I'll apply a few times a day as soon as poss after the bite and hold in place til the ice starts to feel like I'm burning. Since I started doing that I've stopped using anti-histamines and other afterbite remedies as the ice works so well for me.

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