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Irish eyes says why oh why

I dont get this...:confused: I have recieved an invitation from someone I havent seen for three years:hide: and she wants me to bring my kids:family2: but the frustration is that this woman lays the table with determination to make its legs creak.:party0027::eating::character00254::turkey::lemon::party0051::greenapple: She will have every assortment of food, cakes pizza and deserts as if she is catering for every member of this web site. She also encourages you to "try a bit of everything":devilangel: so Im wondering if I can (a) Bring a large handbag containing a large lunch box and sneakily put the food in there?:help2:(b) pretend Im on some sort of medication that only allows small amounts of food :angeldevil:(c) scoff the lot and start again tomorrow?:eatdrink023: Help guys Shes a lovely woman but she is a FEEDER!:sign0151: Maria xx
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Why don't you meet somewhere and go for lunch, that way there is no clearing up, tell her you don't want to put her to any trouble and you can find something on the menu that will be ww'ers friendly. If it's nice weather suggest a picnic and bring your own. That's what I do with my friends.
One of my friends has asked us round for lunch on Saturday. If it's a nice day, we're taking a picnic and we'll take our own food as one of her boys is SO picky. If it's raining, we will have lunch at her house instead. Bless her, she said if we end up having lunch at her house because of bad weather, she will get WW'ers bread in for me and make some veg soup.

The other option is to say feck it, stuff your face then regret it later lol!!!

Decisions, decisions x


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Can you not explain to her about the eating plan you are on and tell her how much it means to you to succeed. It would be very poor friend who still insists that you break your regime after being made to understand the importance of it to you. Perhaps have some O point soup or something filling before you go so you don't feel really hungry and then eat too much. It's only one lunch though, so if you do go a bit overboard you can make it up later. Good luck:)
I'd say I've changed my eating habits as I can't tolerate fat, which is true as you don't want to gain weight :), you don't have to say why what's how's or who's if she asks say I have tummy troubles if I eat fatty products so I brought a packed lunch it's just nice to come visit you ;)



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save some ponts through out the week and enjoy yourself.. then do a bit more exercise to make up after.. thats what i do

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