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Is CD jelly a free for all ??


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Because you use the mix-a-mousse to make it, and are not allowed more than one spoonful of mix-a-mousse per day you need to take that into account.

So, for example, if you use 1 scoop of mix-a-mousse to make up 2 jellies, then you should theoretically be able to have both of those jellies in one day.

Hope that helps :)
What did I miss - please tell me how to make jelly!?!



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hi all
i am new to cd and on day 4 and feeling quite good today after a couple of days of brain fog.
hiya jot, well done for coming so far, the first few days were terrible for me. Are you doing SOUL SOURCE?? You will be thrilled in your weigh in hun. Go onto our DAILY THREAD..(it's THURSDAY, lets do it hour by hour) you can't miss it, we start a new one every day, you will get losts of support, there are newbies and restarters, bit of a mix, a lovely bunch of gals to chat with. Minimins will be your crutch if you need it.

Keep up the good work and keep drinking that water, it's so important:tear_drop:

best of luck to you x
Omg you can make jelly, how??
You use the CD water flavourings and water and mix a mousse. i think the exact recipe might be in the recipe section abouve.
You use the CD water flavourings and water and mix a mousse. i think the exact recipe might be in the recipe section abouve.
Wow thanks, i will definately be taking a look at that one THANKS!!!


I want to be slim !!
CD Jelly Receipe.. Enjoy !!

The receipe for Jelly !!....ENJOY !!

Mix 1-2 scoops of mix a mousse together with about a teaspoon of either (or both) water flavours and blend this into half a litre of cold water. Blend like you’ve never blended before. Remove any chewing gum looking lumps of unmixed gunk, pour the decent stuff into a tub and put into the fridge to set. S’nice.
Thanks sophia

I will join in on a thursday, on day six today and lost 91bs but what did i do today - had a bit of pop corn!!! hopefully it wont do tooooo much damaged i will have to work hard weigh in on monday. yes ssing so it will probably take me out of ketosis, must try harder.
did you ss straight away or did you do the 790 stage, i think it will take a while for me to stay on the straight and narrow but rely 9 days no food that is a miracle for me so i am not to down about it.

Speak soon



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I love the jelly, it's gorgeous :drool:
In fact it's so nice i have to stop my husband from eating it before i do :D
No reason why not, there are no vitimins in it to deplete so as long as it's in the fridge it's fine. I quite often make it in the evening for breakfast the next day.


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I've still got 2 packs left today *(being a 4 pack a day man!) just made myself frozen butterscotch and a chocolate muffin helps my sweet cravings and yummy too

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