Is it just me or is the DietChef banner whatsit


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a bit over alluring? It's tempting my shaky confidence somewhat lol Bit too low calorie for my size though I guess, just feeling a bit uncertain since only four weeks into SW and after a christmas gain y'feel a bit in need of a 'quick fix'... Though that's how the advert is designed I guess!

Might give it a try later in the year, possibly even get one for the easter period when I'm going to Wales caravanning hehe... Or y'know, sensible SW people slap me back to reality! :confused:
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Earth to Lo, earth to Lo.... :)
We all know that quick fixes won't last long. We have been there, done that and afterwards put on more weight then we have lost. Rather enjoy proper food and portions and stay healthy. Crash diets are no good!

Ok, that's my 5 pennys worth to that subject :8855:

Yours, sensible B. :D xx


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Diet chec isnt a quick fix.. not a crash diet either.. its a carefully made low GI diet which happens to come in pouches for a microwave.. they're healthy meals made in a kitchen up near me.. and they taste AMAZING.. esp the soups. yum yum.. its 1200 cals a day but you add stuff that adds more calories.. like an apple. and some veg.. YUM..!!

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Diet chef just supply gourmet ready meals (from a company called "look what we found")- they would be perfect for the caravan. some Asda stores have started to sell them.

I'm keeping some in for when I am finally at the maintenance stage. Handy to have in for a quick meal when you're hungry and need something quickly