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is loosing 16 lb in 5 days normal?

was 16,6 on sunday evening the day before starting and id collected my stuff from my LLC.Was 15,3 this morning.I admit to cycling to work which is 12 miles each way but ive done this journey for ages and never really lost much podge.Ive also used reductil whcih has helped my appetite.ima community nurse so im aware of the physical implacations.
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Allan G

Gold Member
:D hi im on cambridge and in the first week i managed to shed 15lbs, then half that for the next two weeks, then it will steady off to a slower rate of weight loss, the water intake helps and your cycling will burn fat, so i would say its a great weight loss but nothing to worry about. :D


The Diet Guy
Hi Steve

I may be confused but you shouldn't be using reductil while on LL as it is a contraindication of the diet. The ketotic nature of the diet while supress hunger and hence you shouldn't need the pills anyway.

In terms of the weight loss then certainly 16 pounds is not unheard of for a guy and of course will be your sugar and water dropping out of your system.

the reductil works by making you feel satisfied on much less food by affecting seratonin(crap speller) which affects appetite.i did cambridge last year lost loads of weight without cbt and gained it back in 12 months and never found it as easy as this with using reductil (sorry)!


The Diet Guy
We all make decisions bud and I am certainly noy judging you, just making sure you realise that it is a no no officially.

Over the weight loss though I would say the average guy I see loses around 10-15 pounds in their first week so I would say you are doing great with that.

You dont need reductil while on LL!! Your body gets a natural high from being in ketosis & once there you also dont get that hungry! You also need to start being able to distinguish your feelings - ie emotiona./physical hunger/tiredness/reaction to stress etc & that is possibly (for me at least!) they key to LL!
Also suspect it may not be a good idea to mix the two as both can affect BP. Have you checked with your GP that this is safe? My GP refuses to prescribe reductil anyomore as apparently there were concerns about serious side effects. Please be really careful & ask for advice! Let us know how you get on....
Well done for deciding to stop reductil. The diet needs no supplement!

Men lose weight far faster than women (pah!) so just be satisfield with your first week results and listen to Icemoose - he's a VLCD God!!!! lol
Well done Steve on the great weight loss, I lost 13 llbs in my first week which I gathered from my LLC is pretty normal. I dont think you'll need any other pills or potions for supressing your appetite, the body does it naturally when your in ketosis as the others have said.

Good luck with the rest of your journey.

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