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Is there much weighing?


I want to be fitter again
If you are making meals from scratch then yes you need to weigh out your food i.e. if you are making bolognaise then you need to weigh out the correct size portions of mince, spaghetti etc. To be honest it becomes second nature and doesn't take much time up. As time goes on it becomes so much easier as you get an 'eye' for how many points are in a portion.

If you are having pre-packaged food like sausage, southern fried chicken, fish fingers etc etc etc then you just use the nutritional info on the box to work out the points but again you will get to know how many points are in each of your favourite foods of by heart very quickly.

I think to begin with it seems a bit daunting and time consuming, I remember when I first started doing ww I would be rummaging through my cupboards finding out the points for everything but honestly as time goes on it is very easy and simple to work out points.

Hope this helps.


I want to be fitter again
How do you measure out a portion if I make a recipe for four say and it is just me and my daughter eating it and the protions aren't equal size?
Well what I would do is, say for bolognaise, I would buy a 500g healthy living portion of mince from Tesco and only use 250g. From there I would then make my bolognaise and give my child one third and I would have two thirds so then it is easy enough to work out the points. As for the remainder of the ingredients, just use half the quantities if your recipe is written out for 4 people. Hope this helps x
I usually estimate a bit with the recipies for four - I do two thirds for hubbie and one for me and I measure out my rice or pasta or meat when serving and estimate the veg and sauce if its that kind of recipe
It's a bit of weighing but not much really. For instance, you know how much is mince is in a pack, you know what proportion you are having. You count things like roast tatties. Pasta you weigh. You soon get to now how many points in a handful, and how much cheese etc. Really doesn't take much.

Another way I do it if its a recipe for 4 people is give half to my hubby, a quarter to myself then I freeze a quarter so that I have a meal to use for another night when I can't be bothered cooking x


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
im obsessive about portion size, even with pasta i cook mine separately to my boyfs so he can have more and i have a portion
I weigh everything out, its the only way ww works for me, and it doesnt take that long.
you will soon remember how many points are in your fav foods tho

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