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Marvellous. It's wet here and I desperately need to get to the allotment to dig. Not going to happen today! No excuses for avoiding the ironing then either!

Had a bad day food wise yesterday. No alcohol, which turned into a really good thing, cos DD phoned at 10.40pm to be asked to be picked up from a party as she was the only girl that was staying from her group. Got back in at midnight! Bl**dy kids!

So today is all sparkly and new, and I have 4lb to shift. No messing, no pigging, no cheating myself.

On a good note, I hope you are all fab losers today!!:D
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Totally understand - my teenage DS can easily drive me to comfort eat but I am determined this time to tackle issues practically rather than with food.
Your weight losses so far are fabulous, well done and keep up the good work...the last stone is always the hardest but its a small mountain to climb after all you have been through.
It's wet here too in Yorkshire, I was hoping to get a good walk in before work...no such luck.

Good luck with your 4lb loss this week...I am hoping for 7lbs on my first week...but anything would be good as long as its a loss.

Have a great "yet wet" day

Gaynor x


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Morning peeps! Feel more motivated today, yesterday i was all for giving up because i felt so deprived but today feel more positive. Hope ketosis hs kicked in although i feel fine, no yuk taste etc today is the 1st morning i woke up not feeling hungry! (day 5) My CDC was meant to ring yesterday to see how i was doing but she never, if she doesnt ring today i'll have tyo ring her as meant to be getting weighed on Tuesday but havn't made a time or anything as she is really chocker on a tues appantly!


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Morning all.

After yesterday's glorious sunshine, it's raining today :(

We're off to my sister's today, so the kids are excited about seeing their cousin and my sister's puppy Doug!

Have a good day all!

S xx


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S: 17st1lb C: 15st4lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 34.5 Loss: 1st11lb(10.46%)
Morning all
The sun is shining here so we're going to go for a walk along the beach in St. Andrews.
I'm actually looking forward to it, me & exercise usually don't mix.
Hope you all have a lovely relaxing day.


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Good Morning everyone, Dull here today hoping the sun will come out soon.

Overslept for some reason usually up hours ago. Today is Deffinately my day to get stuck in to this diet. I have just made a Green tea and have water ready. No way am I giving in to temptation today!!!! ;0( I will crack this even if it kills me.

Got to keep busy, I have some clients this afternoon and plenty of housework to catch up on ..so no excuse.

Have a good Sunday folks

Morning everyone,I am doing the tesco shop today - great!!! Got on the scales this morning and have lost a whopping 1lb BUT it takes me to 13st13lb which sounds so much better than 14st LOL


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S: 19st6.0lb C: 19st6.0lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 45.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Morning all!
Well the sun is shining in Glasgow! But its probably freezing still!
After my lazy day yesterday I have soooooo much house work to do. My friend is getting married next yr an was supposed to be going to a wedding fayre with her but having to cancel--the house is that bad!!!!
Nothin else planned except cleaning washing ironing tidying :(
MUST up my water today was not good with t yesterday.
Hope u all have a lovely day!!


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S: 14st11lb C: 13st13.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st11.5lb(5.56%)
Morning everyone. Its sunny in North East Fife so if i can drag my kids away from the park i might just hike along the West Sands in St Andrews. Maybe see you there Lizdesigns! On the other hand i'm needing to get in my garden to start the weeding and cutting back and planting and inside i need to demolish a HUGE pile of ironing so maybe best to burn the calories at home.
I'm really getting into this site, thanks for all the inspiration. hope everyone has a good dieting day!


Striving to be good.....
Morning all
The sun is shining here so we're going to go for a walk along the beach in St. Andrews.
I'm actually looking forward to it, me & exercise usually don't mix.
Hope you all have a lovely relaxing day.
Hear hear.... exercise and me don't normally mix either. However I woke up this morning and wanted to go for a swim - hello! this is me talking - and I don't do things like that! What is wrong with me? (hee hee) Today I have been swimming for the first time in years and swam about 20 lengths. Previously i wouldn't put on a costume in case I cleared out the pool I was so self conscious.
Today I thought, this will help me to tone up my body and if that doesn't suit anyone, then they can look the other way! OMG, I am becoming a cantankerous old woman!

Anyway, apart from aching in places that I didn't know could ache, I feel good! The kids of course loved it and have asked 'can we come every week mum'...... oh my... what have i started??
Actually it will do us all good to do a bit of exercise so maybe I should. I think maybe I have become possessed by another mortal as this is so not like me - yet yesterday I spent a couple of hours playing around with my daughter on the trampoline.
Is there some kind of whizzy stuff in this here CD??
Still haven't picked at anything - just had my CD so almost two days without picking at bits and pieces. YIPPEE!

Have an amazing Sunday everyone, be good and be gorgeous

Mikki xxx

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