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I've finished!!

No, not the diet *lol* (that'll never be finished will it? :rolleyes: ) - but I've finally finished all the coursework I need to complete my Life Coaching diploma *takes applause graciously* :eek:

So - 9 months, 150-odd pages and some 27,000 words later I'm almost there. Just need to get it all printed out now, posted off the Assessor to mark and have my final (telephone) assessment and I'll be an accredited Life Coach .. hurrah!! That should happen around the same time as I'm on my CDC training course too so I'm one happy bunny right now.

It's just a bloomin' shame I can't celebrate with a glass of something cold and fizzy - and, no, Highland Spring doesn't come anywhere close to being a good enough substitute for Veuve Clicquot :rolleyes:
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chicken on a mission

Restarting to lose 4stone
Sharon I'm so pleased for you. :D

Could you give me a little bit of detail about what you had to do and what sort of qualification you will get please?
Isobel1965 said:
Well if you want it somewhere else, you can move it, doll. Or I can if you can't - or something lol - where would you like it to be?
I don't know how to move threads, honey (or even if I can!) .. but maybe it should go under 'Chit Chat' instead of 'Diaries'?

I'm dashing out now but will be back later this afternoon. Can you send me a message to let me know where it is so I can find the blimmin' thing again if you do manage to move it *lol*

chicken on a mission said:
Sharon I'm so pleased for you. :D

Could you give me a little bit of detail about what you had to do and what sort of qualification you will get please?
Thank you Chicken (why does it always make me smile when I say that? :D )

I'm studying for a Diploma in Life Coaching - originally with Coaching and Mentoring International, which has now been taken over by The Coaching Academy. It's a Level 3 qualification accredited by the Open College Network.

I had to attend a residential weekend, then complete 9 modular assignments (approx. 3,000 words per module), write a 6,000 word essay, 'attend' 9 telephone tutorials and record learning outcomes on each and participate in a number of telephone coaching sessions where you pair up in twos/threes to coach each other and record the outcome of those. All that work has to be submitted for formal assessment.

Once the assessment of all written work/tutorials/coaching sessions has taken place I'll have to do two 'pre-examination' telephone coaching sessions before having my formal examination where I coach a client while an Assessor listens in - and if that's OK I have a final VIVA (discussion about my coaching style/philosophy etc) .. and that's it!! Phew!!! *lol*

I hope this helps but if you'd like any more information, by all means email me anytime.

Lots of love


Queen of the Damned
Congrats Summer, that is fabulous :cool:
Congratulations Sharon: you will make an awesome Life Coach and with being a CDC too .... well, you'll be transforming the lives of many, many people!

Wishing you every success in all that you do :)

Debbie xx


Ancient Egypt Nut!

p.s. Can I be your first client?:)

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