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jacket potatoes...what do you have on yours?


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tuna mayo
pasta n sauce
savoury rice

i tend to dump anything that isnt beans on top!


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ooh pasta n sauce i might have that on

i might even have reduced calorie coleslaw mmmm :D


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SW coleslaw and cheese, chilli and cheese , beans and cheese

Mmmmmmmmm there's a cheesy theme there I notice.


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tuna mayo and onion for me.
cooked diced bacon, mushrooms and onions mixed in with the potato once you have scooped it all out then put back in and put back in the oven for 10 mins very nice


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I had one the other day, which I scooped out the middle and mashed with cheese mixed in, then topped with more cheese and it was LUSH!!!


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I'm really boring with my J/P's. I have either tuna, mayo and sweetcorn or baked beans and cheese. Very rarely I might have low cal coleslaw and cheese or some prawns.
I do like it when the potato is scooped out and mixed with cheese, onions, bacon etc but I like to spray the skins with fry light and put them back in the oven to crisp up then put the filling back in and top with cheese then grill it. But I'm too lazy to do it very often.


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My favourite is baked sweet potato with sweetcorn, mushrooms and some synned low cal coleslaw


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i like to have chicken mixed with extra light mayo and extra light cream cheese all mixed together, its lovely


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Cottage cheese (ideally the smooth cottage cheese made by eat naturally) and a pile of sweetcorn.

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