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Jacques Cider

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by MumTums, 9 May 2009 Social URL.

  1. MumTums

    MumTums Well-Known Member

    Hi, New here!!

    Can anyone tell me the syn value for Strongbow Jacques Cider? I cant seem to find it anywhere?

    Thanks ;)
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  3. Leanne89

    Leanne89 Well-Known Member

    Sirrus Cider - 275ml bottle - 6.5 syns
    Strongbow Cider - 330ml Bottle - 6.0
    440ml Can - 8.0
    Strongbow Draught Cider - 284 ml - 4.5
    Strongbow Super Cider - 440ml can - 10.5

    Thats all i know about Strongbow lol
  4. MumTums

    MumTums Well-Known Member

    Thanks Leanne! Yeh I found all those online but theres no Jacques syn value there for some reason, boo hoo! Dont think i'll risk it just incase its loads!!
  5. Leanne89

    Leanne89 Well-Known Member

    Thats strange maybe it would just come under strongbow cider! but yeah dont risk it if your not sure go for vodka 2 syns per 25ml lol
  6. MumTums

    MumTums Well-Known Member

    I usually drink vodka but im CRAVING a glass of Jacques, think I might just have a small glass hehe. Thanks!
  7. Tinnedtomato

    Tinnedtomato Well-Known Member

    Has anyone found the syns for this yet?? xx
  8. lucelou

    lucelou Active Member

    Enter the values on bottle/box into the syn calculator.
    Hope that helps x

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