JUST FOR FUN- Not Diet Related


One Last Time.......
Hi all.........:D

I have become a agent for Stringfellows retail we sell Jewellery , bags , undies and battery operated items ;) (Stringfellows Retail - The Sexiest Brand in the World). And i went to the christmas launch last night - wow we have some lovely bits available.

I am supporting Breast Cancer and will be donating 10% of profits to the charity.

do any of you use Party Feet, well we launched our own SEXY SOLES these are £3 a pair. And I will be donating all profits to charity for each pair sold.

Please feel free to contact me for further information or to place an order or if you would like a party and receive some gifts for FREE. I am also looking for agents to help with the christmas rush....

Rachel xx
[email protected]
Sounds interesting Rachel: I'll check out your link when I get a moment (and my 10 year old isn't wandering about!)