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Just joined Slimming World!


I ♥ SW!
I have just joined Slimming World and I am finding it a bit hard! I dont think i am eating enough as i am always starving. I am eating lots of fruit etc and free foods but dont think it is enough. As strange as it sounds, i feel that i am getting fatter. Not sure if it is a psychological thing, i have been doing zumba and the vibrating plate machine every day.

Does anyone else feel like this?
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Lol. I know what u mean! I ate a lot and I was like...well this isn't going to work. In fact, I've lost 10 lbs and I can't see it anywhere. Everything still fits the same! My first week was hard and I ate a lot because I couldn't eat what I WANTED. If ur hungry...just eat something! I found myself comfort eating but I was only eating free food. My advice is to eat when u feel the need. After the first two or three weeks it calmed down a lot and I eat more regularly. U shouldn't be starving. Buy as much food that u can just grab when u need it. Make up a bunch of pasta/rice/etc and have it available if u need it. Or if ur doing red, have lean meats at the ready to pick at. It goes against everything u have been taught when u "diet". EAT if ur hungry. And all those carbs aren't "bad" for u. I still feel a little guilty but I must be doing something right! Let ur body adjust. And don't go hungry. Give it a fighting chance and see what happens. This is the most well balanced uv prob ever eaten in ur life. Nourish ur body. It will love u back!


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If you are starving eat more! Have stuff with some substance - home made soup, jacket potatoes, etc as well as just fruit and veg. Try having a look at people's food diaries on here to give you some ideas. It takes some getting used to but put your faith in the plan and you'll be in the swing of it in no time! Good luck x (Your stats look a bit odd by the way...!?)


Maybe try EE or Green for a day and see if you feel more satisfied with your food then. I think on Red it can start to get a bit pricy to buy all the lean meat. On EE you can have potatoes and rice as well as your meat / fish, and the third superfree on your plate fills you up too.


I ♥ SW!
Thanks everyone, i am feeling a wee bit better now. Getting used to the diet and now making my own food with the receipes in the magazine!! I will be a pro before long lol xx