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Kellogs Fibre Plus Bars??


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They are just the loveliest things in the world!! You feel like you've had a real treat!! In my opinion they blow Alpen Lights out of the water, but the downside is that you can only have 1 of them!!! Try them when you get your hands on some!! The dark choc and almond are better than the milk choc, but they're both nice!!X
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one word-delicious!

the milk choc ones are anyway, not an almond fan so havent tried the others
S: 18st7lb C: 12st11.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 5st9.5lb(30.69%)
forgot to mention they are on offer in tesco at the min-box of 4 for £1 instead of £1.78 or something like that


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They are lush!
Both are nice but I like the dark choc and almond ones best too. I've had 2 today - 1 as a heb and 1 synned. I don't normally have 2 a day, but they are worth it!


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I really didnt like them, thought they felt a bit 'mushy' rather than chewy, so I'm sticking with alpens


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I love them, BUT....... I took some to a hotel when working away and in a mad lonely moment ate 3 in a row in a bit of a mini-binge and OMG there must be a lot of fibre in them because my belly went horribly wrong and I spent the whole night bent double with cramps, noises and gargling- serves me right!


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They are delish, I had one for brekkie this morning as I am in work early, yum yum!!!
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I had one last night (the Milk Chocolate one) and I must say, absolutely gorgeous! Sooo much better than Alpen bars! Wish you could have more than one as a HEB but they are only 5.5 syns so basically it's just like eating a Curly Wurly lol!
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My life is complete now I've found them :D

No, seriously, they are delicious. I've swopped from EE to Green and Original this week and have been having one as my HEB in the evenings with a cup of tea, and it has worked out great for me as I'm not tempted at all by other sweet treats during the day, as I have it to look forward to. Streets ahead of Alpen Lights in my book!


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I've been having one for breakfast at work, they're lovely. Doesn't feel like it should be a HEB! I've stocked up and got about 20 boxes in my cupboard :D


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Im going to get some today and try them out, shame you can only have 1 but if they are as good as everyone is saying i wont mind using my syns for another 1 !!
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I bought some this week to try and they are very nice. They definitely satisfy a chocolate craving! I will still be buying Alpen Lights too though as there are days when 1 cereal bar isn't enough.

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