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Kellogs Fibre Plus Bars??


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They are just the loveliest things in the world!! You feel like you've had a real treat!! In my opinion they blow Alpen Lights out of the water, but the downside is that you can only have 1 of them!!! Try them when you get your hands on some!! The dark choc and almond are better than the milk choc, but they're both nice!!X
They are lush!
Both are nice but I like the dark choc and almond ones best too. I've had 2 today - 1 as a heb and 1 synned. I don't normally have 2 a day, but they are worth it!


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I really didnt like them, thought they felt a bit 'mushy' rather than chewy, so I'm sticking with alpens
I love them, BUT....... I took some to a hotel when working away and in a mad lonely moment ate 3 in a row in a bit of a mini-binge and OMG there must be a lot of fibre in them because my belly went horribly wrong and I spent the whole night bent double with cramps, noises and gargling- serves me right!


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They are delish, I had one for brekkie this morning as I am in work early, yum yum!!!
I had one last night (the Milk Chocolate one) and I must say, absolutely gorgeous! Sooo much better than Alpen bars! Wish you could have more than one as a HEB but they are only 5.5 syns so basically it's just like eating a Curly Wurly lol!
My life is complete now I've found them :D

No, seriously, they are delicious. I've swopped from EE to Green and Original this week and have been having one as my HEB in the evenings with a cup of tea, and it has worked out great for me as I'm not tempted at all by other sweet treats during the day, as I have it to look forward to. Streets ahead of Alpen Lights in my book!


Not evil at all
I've been having one for breakfast at work, they're lovely. Doesn't feel like it should be a HEB! I've stocked up and got about 20 boxes in my cupboard :D
Im going to get some today and try them out, shame you can only have 1 but if they are as good as everyone is saying i wont mind using my syns for another 1 !!
I bought some this week to try and they are very nice. They definitely satisfy a chocolate craving! I will still be buying Alpen Lights too though as there are days when 1 cereal bar isn't enough.

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