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Lighter life story in daily Mirror

Hi Everyone

I read the story in the Mirror yesterday after seeing the thread that had been posted by FNM. I was thrilled to see that it was about a Mother and Daughter who had done it together and done magnificantly. The daughter had gone from a size 24 to a size 10. :clap:

My daughter and I are doing it together, I started off as a size 28/30 and am getting into a 26 now (after only 5 weeks) but I so want to be a size 14, which I have never been in my adult life, for my daughter's wedding next year. This article gave me real hope, maybe my daugher and I will be featured in the Lighterlife Magazine next year, you never know.

Just read the article, thanks for the link Katie, this is really going to make all the counsellors very busy, a positive advert/article like that.
i look forward to reading about you and your daughter next Sandra, all the best.
Oh, I live in Bradford - wonder if they go to the same place as me?
Went to class last night, apparently they ran a similar article in the Daily Mail but using different examples, wasn't a mum and daughter, somebody else. Must be the LL advertising campaign to catch everyone who wants to lose weight for Christmas.
Just read the article and it's given me the incentive to continue with LL. I went to my doctors today to have my blood pressure taken and the nurse was refusing to take it once she learned I was on LL. She scared the dodahs out of me with tales of hair loss and organ damage! I persauded her to take it anyway and it was no surprise that my blood pressure was high, I'm sure it dropped dramatically after I'd left!
Don't they make you mad, everybody is banging on about children overweight, 90% of the population overweight etc. burden on the NHS etc. then you got to the doctor's and they are NO help at all. One lady in our class went for a check up; her doctor said she had done really well, dropped one of her blood pressure tablets completely, then refused point blank to fill in her book, she had to go to Lloyds.

Go figure.
when you consider the cost

..to the nhs of obesity related illnesses,wouldn't you think some could be more supportive?my gp is great-he considers this as preventative,before the problems start..not everyone is so enlightened though..

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