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Lymphatic Drainage Massage..

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Oh Dear God.. Can any of you help?

I ahd this massage at the spa monday just gone.

Oh my lord.. it feels like i'm having my first period all over again.. iv got awful cramps.. my stomach feels so tender and omg, my boobs... they hurt :cry: is this normal?
- i know your 'lymps' are in your neck, by your boobies and 'lady garden' as i call it :p lol

but oh my lord.. am i coming down with flu or have i paid someone to give me a delyed physical slow torture?!!
i don't understand.. i assuemd by 'draining your body of toxins' i'd just wee alot, which i am.. but why the pain????

:( help me.. x
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I will succeed!!!
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Honey I wouldn't have thought a massage would cause that amount of pain or discomfort. I've never had a full body massage, but have had facials and top half massages (neck, shoulders and arms) and never felt ill after them. Usually the only toxins come out as the odd spot after a facial - and usually within 48hours of the treatment.

Are you running a temperature or anything? Keep eye on self sweetie and maybe go to the docs (rich from me as I've had belly aches for 2 weeks and only going tonight lol).

You couldn't be pregnant could you???? xxx

EDIT: Der sorry sounds like the massage was for this reason...but still, sounds like you're feeling really poorly.

EDIT 2: I just googled this massage treatment for side effects and all I found (3 diff sources) was not to have it if you suffered from cancer, had had cancer and a few other ailments that I would assume they asked you about beforehand?
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Nope no cancer, and highly doubt im preggers!! (i hope! LOL)

Eurgh, i don't understand.. it hurts :(
.. i don't think i'm running a temperature and keep feeling nautious every now and then..

she just asked me if i had a cold etc or if i'd been ill (glandular fever etc) which i havnt but my back and my knees.. and my stomach and oh god my boobs.. it hurts :(

thanks for googling hun, don't know why i didnt think of this!?


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I had one a few months back and was fine after. Maybe you just have a virus or bug unrelated. Give NHS direct a call if you'r really worried. If you can take to your bed and have plenty of fluids. Hope it eases soon. x
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Will do. I slept in till half 1 - eek :( Its been really bad since monday..
eurgh., Might give nhs a ring if it gets any worse, or even the spa to say what they say? x


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I'd ring the spa first Fern, see if these sorts of side effects are common and then ring NHS direct if you are still worried. In the meantime, paracetamol, fluids and rest for you girl. (((hugs))) xx


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I trained in massage and there is no way you should hurt like this. Sometimes muscles hurt if the therapist has done deep tissue massage without warming up the muscle well first. You should not have a massage if you've had any heart condition, diabeties, thrombosis. High blood pressure with a doctors note.

Do you think your period could be due?
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hey all.
We'l iv spent practically all day in bed bar the few hours i was on here..
and i have been drinking loads..
the stomach ache has eased but my boobs are still killing..

I shouldnt be expecting a period anytime soon, as im still covered by my contraceptive injection which doesnt 'run out' for another 2.5 weeks.. although i wont be having another one as docs have put me back on the pill..

i rang the spa, who listened and then insisted that i shouldnt be expieranceing anything due to the massage and assured me that June was specialised trained in the massage and did the reguarly.. and basically said it wasnt there fault lol

.. im still feeling really nautious etc.. and seem to have no appitite.. except for spicy chicken.. which is strange (and as im writing this i realise im sounding like i could be preggers.. but i am not!! dont worry! LOL)

i'm gunna see how i feel tomorrow, then i should properly ring nhs direct..

xxxx thanks everyone xxx


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Have you read the side effects leaflet on your pill? I know when I went on HRT (years ago!) my boobs were sore for a week, it might be the hormones.Sometimes massage can be pretty uncomfortable if it's deep and you're not relaxed, but you should feel as if you could be carried home in a bucket afterwards!
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I'v not started taking the pill yet as im still covered by the injection for another couple of weeks.. and my doc said not to over lap them, .. so cant be that atm. Feeling a bit better today, but for an hour or so i can feel fine, and eat.. and then within a few hours il need to be back in bed..

eurgh! x
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feeling better today, no acheyness just a bad headache.. *fingers crossed im al better tomorrow!!* xxx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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Sounds like a virus, pleased you seem to be picking up, but take it easy over the weekend.
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OMG!! hope its not the piggy flu.

Phil x

ta for that phillip.. knew youd jump on in here soon enough :p

im sure i havnt, no perticular signs.. and im not bedridden yet. Will just take it easy and drink lots of fluid and stay in bed as much as possible -not a problem for me :D

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LOL.. aww it started off such a sweet picky aswell! it did make me chuckle tho!

Stuck at home this eve, feel a bit of a looser.. even OH's parents have gone to the pub :eek: ..and here i am reporting in to mini's before i go to bed.. yep. Its Ten, on a friday night.. i could quite possibly be the biggest waste of youth yet! LOL x

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