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Magazine - Swedish Meatballs - eurgh!

Just attempted to make the Swedish 'meatballs' from this month's magazine. The recipe used quorn mince mashed with potato and egg white to bind it together. However, as soon as they went into the sauce, they just turned to mush and it ended up rather unpleasant (although my 2 year old ate all his!!):cry:

This is the second quorn mince disaster I've had - the first being some burgers from the Green cookbook. Am I doing something wrong, or is this just what happens? If so, why the bloody hell do they use quorn mince and how do they get theirs to look like balls in the picture?!:confused:
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I have never cooked with quorn mince. But whenever you make something like meatballs, you need something to hold things together.

And I can't see that one egg white is sufficient "glue" to do the trick.

Photographs of food in magazines are always faked!


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We buy the ready made "Quorn Swedish Meatballs" frozen from Tesco, syn free, and they are LUSH!!

We have them with noodles and some kind of sauce. No need to make your own :)
My daughter is veggie so I have tried most things with quorn mince. Burgers are useless. They just fall through the grill!!!! They don't bind at all, with or without glue! She now won't eat quorn either (it tastes too much like meat!) and ahve realeat mince. It is nicer I have to say!

I love all quorn products except the mince. It's just horrible!!
Mine all fell apart as well, I just ended up stirring it in, it wasnt the best but i ate some of it.

Circes is the asda meat free mince syn free? I've not seen it before, is it cheaper than quorn? I find Quorn to be quite expensive to be honest.

Thanks xx
Thanks very much for that, I'll keep my eye out for some next time I do my shopping. :)
I wonder if it's worth emailing SW about this? I can honestly say that I've barely had a bad recipe from the mag and I'd be a bit peeved if I did one which was rubbish!

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