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Medical rep lunch

Omg two days of training sponsored by medicAl reps is severly testing me!

Evil sandwhiches, fruit juice and half of mr kipplings - haven't told anyone on course about LT so I've nipped back to my car for my lunch.

How do you manage at work? my whole department are like hobbits and constantly have snacks on the go, and whilst they are used to odd people being on diets, they usually succumb to chip Friday or a biscuit with tea.

Has anyone decided not to come out at work about LT?:wave_cry:
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First time I did LT I told nobody except my immediate family. I had lost 32 lbs before anybody commented. By then I didn't mind talking about it. Not easy . . . no. But you're worth it. Best of luck. These days will pass. Have you lost 18 lbs in 17 days??? Well done! Terrific start!
I have not told anybody except immediate family, it does not seem to be any of their business somehow. I hope one day someone will notice at work or the golf club that I am thinner... Well I can always hope....
Hi Jen, a couple of people noticed me not eating at work last week, and today the cat was well and truly out the bag, I came out of my office and all the girls were gathered around talking about me and they called me over to comfirm how much Id lost and they all wanted to know all about LT so I just told them the basics. They all kept saying OMG I couldnt do that lol They said they couldnt imagine me bigger (its a new job).
hmmm, I have noticed people looking at me at work, especialy when a wear an outfit that really shows what I've lost but at a size 26 dropping to a 22/24, I think they are too shy to ask!

I think if they ask I will tell, but until then..Zip!

I work short days so can get away without having "lunch" with the team - but its getting tricky to avoid leaving do's and the christmas do is a week before I planned to refeed, so I've got some big decisions to make. Think I will have to have the protein options and pretned I hate vegetables to minimise the impact on the last weighin befor christmas!
Yeah i think our Xmas do is 10th dec so I might refeed a week early to enjoy it I think I will have deserved it by then lol Although I have looked at the menu and only plan on having salmon and salad as Im going straight to a low carb diet after this to maintain.
I told my close friends at work, they cant keep away from it because i whine about being starving all day lol. Every one at my office eats all day too and the smell is torture, im waiting for fish and chip friday, think i might dot olbas oil under my nose to mask the smell ha! x
good plan!! I just keep volunteering for extra Duty visits to make sure I'm out of the office as much as possible. Might invest in olbas though!
Either that or a nose clip that swimmers wear, think the rest of the office would be suspicious though...... ha

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