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midlife crisis at 24!!


Bears dont dig on dancin'
I just talked my OH out of buying a motorbike. We've been together 5yrs, have a 1yr old son, and oh already has a dangerous-ish job working on the railway... so adding a motorbike isn't a good idea! He's been really strange recently, think he's feel he's missing out on things his mates do (he's 24).Also, we're not married... not even engaged because we can't afford it apparently... but he can magic up 3k to buy a mbike lol. He said "I'll buy you a ring if I can get the bike" ...romantic eh lmao

Why are men so odd...!? Xx
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Ha! This sounds very familliar but with cars instead of motorbikes lol. Totally understand what you mean mate!

I personally wouldnt let my OH have a motorbike, so he has a track/rallye car instead lol. At least it has a rollcage I guess!
Someone has to Donnie lol.

I made my OH buy a 5 door car (so we had at least one sensible car between us)....plus you never know when you might want to put a child seat in the back lol.


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Lol. So far he's done Power Kiting, RCcars, we had 5 snakes, and now the motorbike thing, ugh will it ever end...

OH has a very good wage so we could actually afford one, but I can think of lots of other things that would be less death-inducing, and more useful!!


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Ah they were cute though. I was scared at first, but now I love them... we only don't have them now because of our boy. We didn't have dangerous ones... well not very anyway. We had Corns, Western Hognose and a Royal Python aw. I miss them :(


Slow but sure....
A grass snake would have been to much for me.

I sat through the film 'Anaconda' because my family dared me to, OMG!! I had nightmares after it, never again.....


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Lol aw, now I couldn't watch anything with spiders *cringe* unless they're tarantulas...I get freaked out by normal house spiders, and anything smaller, but I don't mind the big hairy ones lol
Same here, big time.
Our cat caught one the other day in the bedroom, quite a big one at that. God knows how it got in there, we live in a top floor penthouse flat lol.


Slow but sure....
Oh No.....Snakes on a Plane is banned in my house, LOL....

I can tolerate spiders as long as they don't actually crawl on me, I have one of these little humane boxes and my hubby catches them and puts them outside.

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