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missybct - fridge pickers wear bigger knickers.

Hello all, thought it may be a good idea to write down the stuff I'm popping in me old gob.

I'll start with today!

B: really bad, didn't have anything specific. Went for a latte at Starbucks - 1.5pts and then had a foccocia snack thingy - 2.5pts = 4pts.

L: was so hungry ended up eating real early. Had 5 Bean Chilli at Wetherspoons - 9pts, plus a beer - 1.5pt, half a spicy prawn starter - 2.5pts and a piece of cake (WW) - 1pt = 14pts

D: 4 crackerbreads - 1pt, 10 slices of wafer thin turkey - 1pt, cheese triangle - 0.5pts, yoghurt - 1pt, apple - 1pt = 5pts (I rounded up as a had a tiny bit of a cashew nut)

= 23/26pts / 5.5 Activity Points (42 for the week!)

I may have a rich tea in a bit, actually feck it, I'll have it now, my stomach is growling at me.
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Cashew nuts and nuts in general are a total downfall of mine - I've managed to just have tiny bits and adding them onto my total for the day, but I could so easily scoff a bag!

Yesterday was my WI day and I was visiting my best friend in Ipswich - not seen him since the start of the year and I was feeling in a bit of a celebrating mood having got my 10% :D

I deliberately ate little during the day, as I knew in the evening we'd be going to ASK and whilst I had the Eat Out book I wasn't sure what I was going to have.

B: WW Peanut Bar - 1.5pts
L: Crackerbreads (1pt), EL cheese triangle (0.5pt), salad cream (0.5pt), olives (0.5pts), wafer thin turkey (1.5pts), Light choices lemon drizzle cake (1pt) and a yoghurt (1pt) = 6pts
D: Caeser Salad from ASK (9.5pts), half a bowl of olives (1pt), I nicked one of Nick's porfitarolls (sp) which I worked out was 2.5pts but rounded it up to 3pts. We also had two glasses of wine (5pts) and a beer (1.5pts) = 20.5pts

I'm on 26pts a day, so I went two over, but I did 8pts of Activity yesterday plus I always save some during the week.
Thursday 15th April
B: Peanut Bar (WW) - 1.5pts and toast 1pt = 2.5pts
L: Crackerbreads - 1pt, Turkey - 1.5pts, cheese triangle - 0.5pts, salad cream 0.5pts cake - 1pt, yoghurt - 1pt and crisps 1pt = 6.5pts
D: chicken - 3pts, noodles 3pts, oil - 1pt, WW bar - 1.5pts = 8.5pts
S: snack a jack - 0.5pts, cheese (lo lo) 1.5pts = 2pts

I have missed something off but it was 21pts out of 26 in the end, as I was clawing back points from the night before. xxx

2 x Warburtons small sliced bread = 1.5pts
ELF Cheese triangle - 0.5pt
Grapefruit - 0.5pt

Five Bean Chilli (Wetherspoons) - 9pts
Half pint of lager - 1.5pts
Apple - 0.5pt
LF Cake - 1pt

Chicken - 2pt
Mozzerella - 1.5pt
Oil - 1pt (I only had half of this as was sharing with Rob but pointed up)
Salad - 0pt
Iced Gems - 1.5pts

Sugar Free Jelly - 0pt
WW Cookie (1) - 1pt

= 22pts/25pts

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