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Model weighing 7st 7lbs 'too overweight' for catwalk



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I agree with you on this Jim. I caught myself thinking I looked fat in a (very) old photo of me when I was 10 1/2 stone. Slapped myself on the wrists cos at my height that is a great healthy weight.

It seems that long term exposure to stick thin women has affected my perception but I am going to fight it and learn to love my curves even if there are way too many of them at the mo.
Good for you Vanda love, I hope many more think the same as you.
Its an absolute shame that peoples perceptions have changed so much that a seriously under weight person is deemed to be what the fashion industry wants.
no man wants to cuddle up to a bag of bones, and to me it doesn't look attractive

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That's terrible. I'm glad she's sticking up for herself though, can't blame her since her sister died of that exact thing that's being asked of her. It's ridiculous, dying of malnutrition to be a model.
Good for her for speaking up, I love the "if I want a hamburger Im going to have a hamburger" bit ha ha.

Like you say, it really is no wonder all these women (especially young influential teens) have body issues!
im happy she wont crumble to the pressure x
Some models are obviously naturally skinny, but the majority do seem to starve themselves in order to reach the ideal. I don't blame the girls, they are in such a high-pressure, image-based industry. Not to mention the fact that most models are so young when they get into it. I blame the designers. That quote from Karl Lagerfeld is ridiculous. Whilst I don’t deny that the man is a genius in the fashion world, that quote just makes him look thick-headed. Given his body habitus a few years ago, is he really fit to comment!

I am glad this young lady isn’t caving to the pressure. She is beautiful as she is. She is already skinny. Sadly, few young models will have her confidence and feel strong enough to say “no” to the request of losing more weight.
Why do these models let themselves be dictated to by men? Wtf does Karl Lagerfeld know about real women he's gay ffs, not that there's anything wrong with being gay but the issue I take with male designers is that they seem to want to mould the women into pre-pubescent boys and there's something even more disturbing about that.:eek:


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Coco is a beautiful model and, as we can see, she has also a lot of courage to speak out. She's a great model, she'll succed anyway:)


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the thing to note here is there must be huge demand for these models to be super skinny, otherwise it wouldnt be the case here. but i dont know too much about fashion (or women lol) so i cant really understand where this demand is coming from. but dam i really dont know why someone would find women with their rib bones on show that attractive. i see alot of girls out and about who would obviously be regarded as 'too fat' to be a model, but they are very skinny and have excellent figures.

im not a girl but i could imagine how dis heartening it would be for a perfectly slim girl looking at stories like this and thinking 'dam', boy that probably would make me feel bad.

these stories combined with airbrushing really set some very unrealistic targets for girls. to be super skinny i know some models live on nothing but just a bit of soup, and airbrushing someone to a perfect size, you cant achieve these things in real life, its pretty much impossible.

it is different for men though. men are more encouraged to gain weight (muscle mass that is).

i think ive said somewhere before. my friend, shes very skinny, but shes quite small build though, even she says to me shes fat, and tries to diet and exercise lol.

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