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Moonflower update

Hi all

Sorry not been around for a while been in hospital a ccouple of times with high bp.
Went for another scan yesterday Poppy is now 7lbs 12oz she 36 wks so quite big!!
I have got to have c-section so cons booked me in for next thurs unless she appears before then. I'm sure it will soon arrive. Its good because son will be at school till the following tues and he needs his routines.
Cons when talking to her said she was thinking of 39 weeks but when went over my probs with illnesses, bp unstable, uncontrolled diabetes, swellings etc etc she was very open to my suggestion of next week. As the dating scan could be upto a couple weeks out due to my late booking yesterday most of the measurements were coming up as 40+5 wks so she could come at anytime.
Getting loads of tightenings hence why i'm up at this time.

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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Wow how wonderful to have an 'at the latest' date.. but you never know poppy may be on her way already!
Is that the name you've settled on for baby? it really is pretty!! I have a flowerbed mainly planted with Poppies as I love them! lol

Fingers x'd your tightenings have settled a bit, and you got some sleep ((hugs)) What will they do if you go into labour? Still go for the CSection? or v.delivery?

Will be thinking of you both, and how exciting for your DS for his new sister to be on her way in the next week!

Take care and get lots of rest while you can ((hugs)).
Wow that's amazing, wish I was delivering next week. I'm starting to feel really tired now and I have a really heavy feeling down below, like I have a bowling ball betweeen my legs lol.

Good luck for next week, just think you will have baby Poppy in your arms on thursday.

Take care


Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
((hugs)) lisa marie that's likely a babies head! lol ;) which is a great sign in fairness. :)
Yes PH saw midwife yesterday, she said head was down now. Only measuring 1cm bigger than I should be now, so mw said I don't need another scan to check the growth. I'm glad everything is ok but a little disappointed I can't get another scan, would have liked to see baby again. Just hope it doesn't keep me waiting and arrives on time.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Fingers x'd for you! :) Shame about the scan but at least it means all is fine by MW and that'll ease your mind. Being 1cm up may mean baby arrives a few days early you never know! ;)
Thanks all. Yep we looking forward to the arrival. Yes we have settled on Poppy as DS chose it and were happy with it. Bp borderline nearly gone back in couple times. They're more like braxton hicks as they are beginning to hurt now but have slowed down now. If I go into labour cons said she would assess and maybe let me go on but will have to see.

Off to watch Torchwood now I'll keep you updated if can. Have a good weekend all.


Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Well hun if this is it, I hope it goes well for you both ((hugs)) try and relax for as long as possible.
Don't forget to get someone to update us! lol ((Hugs))

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