Motorbikes..jus for boyz?


Needs to stick to it!!!
Motorbikes it just a mans sport?Are girls only good for being scantily clad and holding the umbrella's?.......Definately not!!!!!
Meet 15yr old(yes just 15!!!) Nicole McAller.....Racing just 3 years she's near the top of her class...
Nicole races in the British 125 GP series .She's impressed the top teams so much that she now gets her engines from the top engine preperation specialists in the UK. She has definately proved that this is just not a boys sport!
and of course we cant forget...
Sam Scott and Leona Coogan who both race in the Irish NDM
aprilla challenge..

Aint it just fantastic to see the girls pushin thier way to the top in a largely male dominated sport :D

Visit thier web sites say hello....more hits means more recognition which means more sponsorship!!!!
Hi Mags

I know this is completely off topic but just noticed your signature and it is absolutely spot on!!! :D
I ride! Had a Suzuki SV650 for a while, then some idiot drove his car infront of me cutting me off and i crashed straight into the side. Luckily i came off alright just bruised and concussed with a grazed knee, I was wearing allot of protective clothes and I know if I didn't I would have had no skin left as I skidded across the tar! Spent a few hours in hospital then went home with a massive headache! Now I have a Honda CBF250 which I don't ride much as I am still a bit scared after the crash!
Hi there biker gals!

I don't ride (hub says i would be too dangerous!) but am into the bike racing. We try to go to a MotoGP each year - did Mugello in june which was amazing - and usually try to get to a few BSB rounds. Haven't been to WSB for a couple of years but next year should prove interesting so maybe we will go to Brands!
Another biker girlie here!

I have had various bikes over the last 10 years, my most recent being a Yamaha YZF600 Thundercat which I absolutely love - always liked taking off my helmet and hearing people go "Blimey ... it's a bird" :) Was all set to trade up to an R1 when I found out I was pregnant with twins so had to do the responsible thing and get a car instead:(. Just not as much fun as a bike, but fewer bad hair days!

My husband can't ride and is my pillion b**ch, as I love to tell everyone. Girls on bikes rule!
Hey girls!:) Well i have to say im jealous!!I dont ride but really really really want to! Wont get on the bike till i lose the weight..only been on hubbys bike like twice and once was just on our own street..only been out on the road with it once...pretty much always loved bikes ...hubby has a yamaha xjr 1200 nice big bike...well hopefully one day!!!!

Ah kitty i can understand ur hesitation alrite!!Any accident at all is scary...!!!
I only go on the back of hub's Yamaha Fazer 1000 very occasionally - will be more when i've lost the weight as the reason i don't is that he has to change too many settings to adjust for me!

Before this one he did have a Honda Blackbird 1100 which was awesome but the the torque was a little scary - felt like i was going to fall off the back!! The Fazer is much more comfortable - and we can still get right over on the tyres!
Ahh think my hubby always wanted a blackbird alrite..but figured the upkeep would just be too much..specially since kids just eat up all ur money lol...ah id love to go out more..
Actually id much prefer to ride then b pillion!!!!!!!
Hopefully one of these days ill consider myself thin enuff to go on the bike!!
I am another non rider, OH is a Ducati fan & has a 748, he is looking to upgrade & get a 998...

I love going to Brands each year (missed it the last couple due to pregnancy & young baby)...

A couple of years ago we managed to get some hospitality tickets & met a load of the R6 guys....the nice thing was we were with a bunch of proper bike fans & not just hospitality spongers....the sad thing was I was 7 months pregnant & could only manage to stand still for half a race before I had to sit down!

I wanted to get my bike license but fell pregnant and had my daughter instead :rolleyes:

I would like to go back to it when practical. :)
Hi Girl's

My hub has a Yamaha R1 at the moment :rolleyes: he likes to keep changing them LOL

I haven't been out pillion for a couple of years now as i was so fat i wouldn't get on the back.

He is off to Assen on Thursday for 5 days to see the Superbikes or summit ( i've told him not to go visiting durty women tho :D :eek: )

He seems to be always having weekends away but i do enjoy the BMF in Peterborough, seeing all those men in leather LOL

Kel xxx
Mrs. Rosie,

I have to agree, there is something about a guy in leather!!!

I saw a vision many years ago and he was sunning himself under a big chestnut tree and I did not see him at first as I was admiring his big shiny bike which had an engraved saddle and it was just the last word and when I looked up I saw him stretched out in all his splendid glory relaxing in the sun..:)

Love Mini xxx
Wow good for Nicole!! at 15!

Well.. after a childhood addiction to bikes after sitting on one with my older foster sister when I was 5... I finally got my own at 23... only a 125cc but all the same i loved it!
Passed my test and got a 440cc Kawasaki Z440 and also... loved it!

Sadly.. and i mean sadly as i had to sell my bike.. I got pregnant and didn't have a garage.. so that was the end of my bikes...

but my hubby says even now, I swopped 2 wheels for 4, then 4 hooves! lol horses give me the buzz, and my 4x4 give me my practicle 7 seats! ;) (we're foster carers so use all 7 seats alot).
I know its months since anyone posted here, but I only came across thread a minute ago, I love motorbikes, don't know a lot about them, but definitely hope when I get to goal, that I'll be brave enough to buy one,

I commute on the M50 every day, and I think motorbikes are the way to go, my first go was on the back of my older brothers when i was about 10 or 11, he said i was a natural, he took me into Dublin and I remember us going through the middle of doubledecker buses and around corners and he said I was brilliant the way I just moved with the bike, then through the years other brothers have had 125's kawasaki's very high but I love the sound of them and Honda 500's,

I just need to get my ass into shape so I don't feel like an elephant with my ass sticking out, when I lived in Rathmines and worked in Clonskeagh, I bought myself a little Suzuki Katana, I know its only a scooter but I loved it, for the city. I'm out in the country now so would need a 125 or faster, any suggestions Mags if your still about would be greatly appreciated, I'm gonna go visit those two girsl web sites to support them, us women gotta stick together.
The M50 is a joke...

I had to commute back and forth before when i worked in Blanchardstown...a joke and you pay the toll for the pleasure of sitting for hours...


My da is well into ma wouldnt let me have one...she'd puke with worry! :)

and you gotta listen to yer ma!

Yeh, even at my age, my Ma will have something to say, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, I mean Irish weather is not the best for Motorbikes, but sure it was just me letting my little secret have some air, it doesn't mean anythings gonna come from it, we'll see in mid next year when i'm at goal in my new house the wrong side of the toll bridge how I'll feel

lol, nite nite Caz

I've been online so long today, I've had to recharge my laptop at least 4 times....glad i'm not paying the phone bill (use it as a modem) benefit from employers ha ha
hey girls ...
:) im well into motorbikes as well would loveee one but course wouldnt go on one till i lost weight...DH has a yamaha xjr1200 ds1(12)jus got his first scrambler for chrissie he still cant believe he has and ds2(19months) has his battery op motorbike(its a bit too big for him) lol ...soon as i can ill have to get a pic of all 3 of em together...