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Muller light fat free Greek Style Yogurt

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by ginlin, 13 March 2012 Social URL.

  1. ginlin

    ginlin Better to Drink your Syns

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  3. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    Not me personally, my colleague says the coconut ones are gorgeous though
  4. Lottie12

    Lottie12 Silver Member

    Good reports from my sw class too :)
  5. lurverick

    lurverick Now to maintain.....

    They are nice but both me and my husband liken then to the shape yogurts rather than Greek yogurt.
  6. Em-ma

    Em-ma Full Member

    Haven't been out anywhere to see if any of the shops nearby have them in stock. Hopefully they do have for when I get my shopping done. The honeyed peach ones sound yummy!!
  7. icklerockchick

    icklerockchick slow but steady!

    Ooh these sound nice!

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  8. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    Sounds yummy, I'll make a mental note to buy some when I next go shopping.

    Ginlin are you going to try them?
  9. ginlin

    ginlin Better to Drink your Syns

    Yes, definately going to have to give them a go!

    I'm not that keen on muller lights, so will see if they are any better for the half a syn.
  10. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    OMG, my colleague bought me a pack of the coconut from Morrisons last night and brought them work for me today. I had one at lunch and they are gorgeous! So thick and creamy, pots are smaller but so worth the half a syn. Going to go buy me a pack of the honeyed peach tonight.
  11. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    I can't wait to try these, I love coconut yoghurt. There'll be a fight for these in our house I bet!!
  12. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    My coconut ones won't last long I can see it now. I am a sucker for coconut anyway. Least I know no one else in the house will eat mine :p
  13. ginlin

    ginlin Better to Drink your Syns

  14. ermintrude

    ermintrude Gold Member

    I soooooo want to try these! But I cant bladdy find them anywhere!!!!!!! :cry:
  15. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    The only place I have found them so far is Morrisons Erm.

    They are really very nice, the coconut one is divine, I prefer it to the cherry but have yet to try the peach.

    Well worth half a syn and don't have that "sweetener" taste to them which many other yoghurts have.

    However, at £2.19 for 4 small pots they are incredibly expensive and I'll be buying them only when they are on offer!
  16. ginlin

    ginlin Better to Drink your Syns

    I had them in Morrisons on BOGOF, but have since seen them in both Tesco and Asda
  17. Hamish's Mum

    Hamish's Mum Silver Member

    I bought some in Sainsburys, oh they are to die for, the coconut one tastes amazing
  18. leah717

    leah717 Full Member

    eating a honeyed peach right now :) yum yum. 2 packs for £4 in sainsburys. pity there's no asdas near me!

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  19. muddypaws04

    muddypaws04 Full Member

    The coconut ones are gorgeous! Are they all half a syn each? I have the peach ones at the mo, not that bothered about these ones though.
  20. tallsarah

    tallsarah Silver Member

    I have tried the coconut one, it was devine, the peach ones are in the fridge, but not tried them yet.
  21. fifee

    fifee Full Member

    I got Mine from asda for £1 pack 4 last week

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