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My first delivery of JOES SAUSAGES came today


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I'd been given a £20 credit into Paypal from a survey site and thought I'd use this to try JOES SAUSAGES (the synfree ones)

You have to order a minimum of 6 packs so that and delivery meant I had to pay an extra £6.40 but wanted to try these out as been missing proper 'bangers'.

Just flash freezing them at the moment but nicked one out of each pack and have cooked those ready to enjoy cold later.

Will let you know the 'verdict' later ......

They smell gorgeous and absolutely NO fat came out during cooking.....Mmmmmmmm

Feel like the dog off THAT'S LIFE programme with Esther Rantzen (showing my age there - LOL) - remember the dog saying "Sausages"? LOL

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Will be thin god dammit!!
Oooh let me know how they are poppy - I was thinking of trying those!


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my old SW group used to order them as a class to save on delivery charges. One person used to take the order, everyone paid up front. very civilised and organised.


Will be thin god dammit!!
That sounds excellent Tara!!! Wish our lot were civilised :(
ooh there lovely, the sausagesm burgers, garlic and herb kebab thingys, love them! xx


Now to maintain.....
yes sounds fantastic......wish ours would do something like that.


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oo sounds great - is there a website - hadnt heard of these before!! Are all the products syn free?


Now to maintain.....


Will be thin god dammit!!
Yeah Lenlu theres a webite and it tells you what is free etc


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So far only tried a Chipolata and it was yummy!!! I'm eating them cold to try full flavour without anything disguising it so know which to order in future - I only bought the sausages as not had so much luck making my own sausages - burgers are easy enough to make yourself.....
I'm trying to do the same thing at out group tara but not much response so far, forgot the order form this week though so will try next week. I really want to try some of joe's stuff but can't justify a delivery all to myself.


Just keep slimming....
So the 6 packs can be mixed products? Lots of yummy things, emailed them to check if they are gluten free as hubby is cealiac x


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ohhhhhhhhhhh i would love to have them but my husband would kill me spending that much on food.
Whats the survey site hun maybe i can do what you did?
WOW, I am going to have to try these.

I just LLLLUUUUUVVVVV sausages and they are the one thing I miss (I tried the Qourn ones :grumble:)
I really must try these. I've got no excuse as I live locally so no postage charges. In fact I'm moving house shortly and will be living literally round the corner from the shop!
It's in Southport. It doesn't open at the weekend though and is only open short days during the week which makes it difficult when you work full time. Will definitely have to pop in on my next day off.

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