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My latest gadget


Gone fishing
Here's my latest gadget :D

Preserve freshness and prevent waste with the ingenious Vaku Maxx, automated vacuum storage that keeps all sorts of food fresher for longer.

  • Close the 15¾ pints container, and a powerful pump sucks 15-20% of the air out, creating a vacuum
  • If the vacuum decreases to less than the requested level, the pump is automatically reactivated
  • Dehumidifier prevents damp air from contaminating the food
  • Includes calendar in lid to remind date of storage plus fast marinating function
  • 11" x 17⅓" x 8¼"
  • As seen in 'House Beautiful' magazine

So far so good (but then the fruit has only been in it for 2 days :D)

A couple of drawbacks so far.

a) Nobody can be bothered to lift the lid to take the fruit out when passing. An open bowl carefully placed in strategic places worked better

b) When you close it, it sounds like a UFO taking off for about 2 minutes and makes the rest of the family shake their heads and chant "you and your flipping gadgets" :D
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Sounds like fun - in our house we'd just watch the fruit grow penicillin:8855:

I got the new Sony E-reader! Already read one book - The Blue Zone (314 pages) and am about to start on one of the 100 free classics that come with it:D


Staff member
I like that KD!

Love Mini xxx


Gone fishing
Sounds like fun - in our house we'd just watch the fruit grow penicillin:8855:
That's what we have the fridge for. Just a place to put leftovers until they are past human consumption and can be thrown away :clap:

I got the new Sony E-reader!
Oh! I want something for my ebooks. Let me know how you find it!

I like that KD!

Love Mini xxx
It looks cool. Reckon some of it is missing though...didn't come with the fruit :confused: Had to buy that myself. Total rip off :D


Gone fishing
kd i would love to get a look inside your house!! i bet it is filled to the roof tops with gadgets!! xx
It used to be, but not so much these days :( DH doesn't approve of me buying gadgets in favour of what he calls 'necessary items' :confused:

Damn him ;)
It's not as heavy as most of the books I read and you only have to push a button to turn the page but I thought the screen would light up but it doesn't (or I haven't found out how to make it do so) so I still can't read in bed 'cos OH (aka Major Wingeass) 'can't sleep with the light on':(


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