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Red Day My red days are getting boring!


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I Love red days, but already finding I'm tending to eat the same 'traditional' meals, very nice, but maybe a bit boring. This weeks evening meals:
Roast chicken + heap of veg
Grilled Gammon Steak + poached egg + salad
Roast sausages + onions +heap of veg
BBQ lamb and salad
BBQ chinese pork + salad
All yummy, but as you can see I'm developing a trend here! meat + salad or meat + veg. Any nice evening meal red ideas in either very low or syn free? PS I dont like curries!!
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Have you tried EE days to change it a bit - or use your HEXB to liven it up a bit?
I use EE days / use a HEXB for stuff like jambalaya, or stir fry recipes

Toad in the hole is a yummy meal - one of my favourites!! With veg mash and gravy.
I also like Egg , chips with a HEXB bacon tomatoes & mushrooms.

I have a few recipes:-


See what you think - it might help with some ideas.


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Hi there

I do mainly red days, I don't know if it will be of any help but on my diary "shedding the wobble" if you go to a page 62 there is a list of recipes on my diary there might be something in there that catches your eye... or that gives you ideas...
Just a few off the top of my head are:-
coq au vin
balsamic braised beef
buffalo chicken
Ox burgers
Ginger pork
goan pork
Hope it helps..


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Thanks!! Lots of really exciting ideas... going straight out tomorrow to get the goodies for the sweet and sour and toad in the hole! Woohoo!! Red days aren't boring! :)


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What about stew or a casserole so it's not meat and veg. Put turnip in for the potato substitute.

Or shepherds pie with butternut squash as the topping. Celeriac is in a lot of recipes too, but I've never tried it.
Came across this thread that I wrote just a few months ago - funny how things change... I have just recieved my on line order grocery order and am so excited about the next two weeks meals, just a few of the things that have arrived:

low fat sausages - for toad in the hole
another pack of low fat sausages - sausage cassarole (red)
whole chicken - roast chicken with aunt bessies stuffing balls (red)
chicken breasts - sweet n sour chicken (green, chicken used as HEXB)
beef strips - for beef stroganoff (green, beef used as HEXA)
gammon steaks - served with big pile of salad n mushrooms (red)
bacon - Spaghetti carbonara (green, bacon used as HEXB)
minced beef - spaghetti bolognese (green, mince used as HEXB)

and thats just part of it!!

Red days aren't boring, but adding a few green days helps!! x x


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Hi Vicki,
I do mainly red days, and yes basically meat and veg or salad, but certainly not boring, so have a look at my diary, if you are interested.


One day at a time, one step at a time
I have things like chilli with bns wedges or chips

the other day I had sweet and sour chicken, roasted veggies, and a spoonful of rice (synned) this was delicious and will do it again.

Or I use bns and make roasties so I feel like i've had potato

I sometimes use a HEXB for sw chips (keep skin on ) on a red day

I often make a stew with casserole beef, a pack of extra lean mince, onions, carrots any veggies I fancy, oxo or knorr beef stock cubes or both, and then have fresh veggies with it and carrot and swede mash (Aunty Bessies)

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