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My word for the day = bathycolpic!

Great word that!

We were discussing my weight-loss at work today, and some of the ladies were discussing their own size/shapes. Again we discussed peer-pressure and stick-insects like Kate moss and all the arguments that go with it.

General consesus (certainly among the males) was a preference for Rubanesque figures - (as in Ruben the famous painter who always painted the "fuller-figured" lady).

Hence the word bathycolpic, meaning heavy-bosomed, voluptuous, etc. I like this word!

So much better than chunky, or plump methinks;)

What word/words do you use to describe the "larger person".

I hate the term "thick-set" personally.
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bathycolpian, bathukolpian 1. Having an ample bosom with a deep cleavage. 2. Having a deep bosom. 3. Etymology: 'Big-breasted' from about 1825, from the Greek element bathykolpos; literally, 'deep-bosomed' from bathys, 'deep' plus kolpos, 'breast'.</U></

I love the use of the English Language. One of my favourite words is nomenclature meaningt a collections of words apertaining to one subject.

Words for big people hmmmm..........

Voluptious, oh to hell with it just bloody fat !!!!!
That word just makes me think of someone feeling ill in a bath!!
LOL. Yeah colic whilst in the bath.

My word for the day today is............

Borborygmus: Bowel sounds, the gurgling, rumbling, or growling noise from the abdomen caused by the muscular contractions of peristalsis, the process that moves the contents of the stomach and intestines downward. The plural is borborygmi.

I think the plural could be best used at a group meeting of SW members on green days.
I've discovered the "anti" word for bathycolpic.

My word for which I want my colleagues to refer to me using illiteration no less;)

Svelte Steve. - A cracking word indeed.

I'm considering not answering to anything else!

What'ya reckon?
Loving the idea of me describing myself as bathycolpic and watching all the blank stares from people wondering what the hell I'm talking about! I quite like voluptuous too, but its conotations are a bit sexy so if I had to describe someone, I'd probably just say 'she's a larger lady' or something - bit lame really!

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