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Loves weight.. training!
some great names there :) Though I'd be worried over Ursula, have you seen Little Mermaid? ;)

Rhiannon Beth

Kurt Caden
Todd Caden

are our short list at the moment.. they go with our surname and we like them together.
But never say never! lol
Rhiannon thats my wee girls name :)

Never seen little mermaid. My great grandmothers name was ursula. Ive always liked it though she was lithuanian and had a great surname to go with it.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
aww there you are if it's a family link then that's lovely :)

My aunt is called Cherry and I really like that name but my hubby hates it! (for our baby)

Also Xander (alexander or forms of it) are family names in our family they run down the generations, I like Xander, but with it having been in the xxx films there are loads of them around now.


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We've chosen a girls name, but are struggling with boys. I like Benjamin, Jacob, Harry and Charlie. I like traditional names (my son is Alexander) and I don't want anything with the same initial as any of us already (so no A's, T's or S's).

My husband comes from a line of Terry's. His dad and grandad are both Terrys, as is he. He really wanted to carry that on but i have put my foot down! I personally don't like 2 people in the same family having the same name. He's pushed for it as a middle name too but I've said no to that as well!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
lol at the Terry, I can see your point though. :) traditions are funny things though but perhaps your children will carry it on later.


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Well as I know I'm having a girl me and my OH have decided on Jessica I really liked Keira but apparently I was the only one so that's out of the window.
My oh's famnily tradition is naming the eldest child after the chapel!!! When i was pg with our daughter the chapel name was alphonsis. I was like theres noooo way we are carrying on that tradition!!!

Jessica thats a beautiful name
My son Nathaniel has chosen our daughters name we gave him a couple of options he's chosen Poppy Faith which is very apt as we have to have faith she is going to be ok and also that I'll deliver ok (didnt last time) and faith that son wont hurt her (he has a few needs)
I love the name Poppy, I also like Daisy too but we already have a Lily so my DH said no more flowers.

We still haven't decided on names yet, we just don't seem to agree on anything.

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