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Need info on Lipotrim

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Hi everyone, well here I am fat and frumpy and whilst I was at the pharmacy tonight picking up some head lice treatment for my little boy, I noticed a poster about Lipotrim, so came home and googled it and it brought me here:D

I have tried CD before, slimming world etc and yes they all work, but I have piled it on this year, had a bad year, my mum died etc so being feeling sorry for myself all year

Anyway, I haven't had the guts to talk to the pharmacist about Lipotrim yet but wondered if you lot could fill me in?, I think my BMI is around 28-29, I don't have any medical problems and can you tell me how much it costs?, is it similar to CD?

I am thinking about waiting until after xmas to start, or should I go for it now?, I really want to enjoy xmas and not sit there sipping a shake whilst everyone is tucking into turkey and xmas pud lol!

Do the pharmacists have a waiting list for it?

Any advice would be great

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hey hun
No there isnt a weighting list or anything. Most pharmacies that do Lipotrim have a Lipotrim counsellor. the first day when you go they may ask you to borrow a dvd and watch it but you can do this online too... they will ask you to fill in a medical questionnaire etc etc and then they get you started. It is £36 a week. you get chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and also chicken soup (not very nice) DONT GET THE FLAPJACKS! yuck! Oh you have to drink like a minimum of 2ltrs of water a day!
if you are planning on giving it a serious go and if you have a lot to weight then you might want to wait till after xmas it would be entirely up to you... maybe the pharmacist would be able to help you better.

To be honest I was reluctant to speak to the pharmacist about it but one day I just walked right in and discussed it, the consultation was for about half an hour and I started the next day!... it is a great diet!... quick results too... ive been on it for 3 weeks and have already lost 20lbs...
Unfortunately I havent been on it long enough to give you great advice but if you have any other questions I'll try and help as best as I can xx
Hi hun, as above I walked into the pharmacist as asked for it filled a questionaire in and got my shakes however the first week is really tough but once through it it is easy going. How much weight do you have to lose I thik if you have a minimum of 3stone then your ok but I think they do make exceptions. If your serious about eating at xmas I personally would wait as I have heard it is hard to get back on the wagon but if you haven't that much to lose then go for it, but I would speak to the pharmacist most of then are really good x
S: 13st13lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st11lb(12.82%)
thank you so much for your replies, I think I have about 3st to lose, I am 5'9" and would love to be around 10st and I am probably over 14st at the moment (daren't get on the scales!)

I am going to go to the pharmacy in the morning to see about it, I know xmas is looming but to be honest, there is always going to be an 'excuse' as after xmas I have my daughters birthday in Jan plus I am away with work for a couple of days, then in March I am away for a week so I have to bite the bullet at some point and get on with it, I could be 2st lighter almost by xmas if I start now!
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well you know what you want so the decision is yours..whatever you decide coming on here is good idea -even before you start cus this forum is absolutely invaluable. So hopefully be hearing more from you.:D



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I'd go for it now! You have to do it sometime, so you may as well do it now whilst you're in the right frame of mind.

I'm going for my first weigh in tomorrow and i'm so glad i started it. Even without knowing how much i've lost i can feel that i have! I'm full of energy too.

You can at the very least get a stone off before Christmas. ;)

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