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Neighbours - Anyone else watch it???


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Its coming up to the 6000th episode tomorrow, and someone has killed Paul Robinson!! tomorrow we find out who........ So NO spoilers please if you have cheated and looked it up.

If anyone else saw todays, did anyone else notice that in 'Charlie's' the Bar, where Donna and Ringos reception was being held, where the fixed bar is normally, suddenly wasnt there anymore!
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I may be wrong, but I don't think we are going to find out who it was that pushed Paul for quite some time yet!

I am a great Neighbours fan. Paul is my favourite character - if he is not going to survive I will be very cross!


Yummy Mummy! xx
Ive watched neighbours for years and love it lol!!

not fussed on the new declan though - he irratates me for some reason!

I noticed that about the bar as well and isnt it amazing how many people we've never seen before suddenly turn up at a wedding, yet the likes of lynn and summer are working???

Gotta love soapland!! x
I've not seen it for ages, but for some strange reason watched today. It was all a bit confusing for me, but might carry on watching for a while

When is the omnibus on? xx
won't be long before he is nothing but prosthetics!!!!


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the Channel 5 ads have muttered 'Murder' I have been watching Neighbours since the start..... thats sad isnt it! lol
I dont like the new Declan much either, guess you just get used to the character being portrayed by a certain actor.
And agreed there were lots of unknown randoms at Donnas reception.!!
I havent watched it for years, but one of my boss's mates daughter has just appeared in it out in Oz she won some competition over here. Her name is Gabriella Darlington....not sure when her episodes will be shown over here though.


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I used to always watch Neighbours for donkeys years but haven't seen it once since I emigrated - maybe I'm all aussied out by the time it comes on in the evening :rotflmao:
I can't get used to the new Declan either. He seems to be a totally different character and personality, not just a different actor. And a right pain in the neck, too - Kate is well rid of him!

I didn't have this problem when there was a replacement Libby a while back.

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