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Never did me any harm Channel 4 9:00pm tonight


Gone fishing
Oooh. Really looking forward to watching this. 1970's and I was in my teens. Very important time in my life that I remember so well.:)

"When did parents become their children's slaves? What would happen if dad was back in charge and kids were made to know their place like the good old days?" Such are the burning questions in a new life-change reality show: this week, the Gregory family try playing by the rules of dad Jon's tough 1970s childhood instead of the cushy life they usually lead. So their eight-bedroom house is made over in spartan 1974 style; the people-carrier makes way for a camper van; and spoilt 13-year-old Hannah has to do without hair mousse and handouts. We know how the narrative in these shows goes (swearing, rows, a teary crisis or two, eventually hugging and learning) and so do the Gregorys, so there are few surprises. But this is an engaging social experiment that could spark a few lively discussions among families. But beware: under stress, the language gets ugly.
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Back again!
Got this set up on Sky+ and am insisting my DD watch it, so she can see how I had it when I grew up in the 70s.

Does look very good.


Taking Back Control...!!!
Gonna sky plus this too - looks great - my kids don't know their born I tell thee......;)

I was a child of the 70's and I've turned out OK.... although some may argue that point......LOL:eek:


Gone fishing
Right, it's official. I'm old fashioned.:eek: I think I must bring my kids up 70's style.

Yes, if there's a stain in their shirts, we try to get it out. Okay...they do have more clothes than I did at their age.

I am the boss. DH is my reserve :D If my kids spoke like those kids did to their dad, I would string them up from the window ledge by their toenails.

We also don't have the constant "I want" senario, thank goodness.

Nice to see those kids on the programme show their better side towards the end :cool: Bet they had that side there all the time but it was edited to make it look like they were horrible brats and 70's style turned them into little angels:rolleyes:

I really liked the bloke. Bless him...he really tried didn't he.


Gold Member
It was interesting, wasn't it!

I was furious when they treated their poor old dad with such disrespect though - I think you'd be going soft on yours if you merely strung em up by their toenails. I'd flay mine alive then boil them in brine lol!

I thought the mum was a horror too, though! Fancy siding with your kids against your OH in front of them!!! Ridiculous woman!!!



Back again!
Just watched this with my daughter and she couldn't believe how spoilt they were or how they spoke to their father, and she thought they deserved the smack.

Good to see how it ended & that they still earn money from chores.