New and terrified!

Welcome to Minimins! Why not come and join the Wemitts we have our own thread on here.
Have to say that the support you get on Minimins is the best you can get! Don't be scared we've all been at the starting point before! some of us many times!!!
Yes you do need to have a CDC they give the you all the support you need and you need one to get the diet from anyway. Have a look at Cambridge Area Guide - Online Guide to Cambridge, England to find your nearest one.
I'm in West London and mine is Gayle shes fab!
Once again welcome and all the best on your journey.
Kamilla xx
Welcome to the group: it's great to see you here :)

I can relate to your fear of starting CD ... it's a scary prospect not eating isn't it. I'ts so radical and 'different' from the usual type of diet that it's daunting even thinking of committing to it. It seems to fly in the face of everything that's drummed into us and that IS scary.

When I first began on March 24th, I started by saying I'd give it just a couple of weeks. I think that's so I wouldn't have egg on my face if I couldn't hack it and had to throw the towel in. That was over 5 months ago though (and if I can do it, ANYONE can! :) )

My CDC is lovely - and remember, all CDCs have used Cambridge themselves so they know what it's like to do this diet. They don't sit and proble you about your lifestyle or anything and will 'counsel' only as much as you need - nothing's forced on you so you can relax.

For the first few days, there's the physical act of getting into ketosis to overcome. This can be difficult at times as you go through carb withdrawal ... you may feel lethargic, headachy, a bit nauseous and hungry but you'll get loads of support to help you through it from everyone here.(By the way, these symptoms can be reduced if you cut down on your carbs before you start sole sourcing).

Then there's the psychological barrier to overcome ... for the first couple of weeks I couldn't get over the fact I wasn't eating. I kept thinking, "I haven't eaten for 5 days!" and "OMG I haven't eaten for 11 days!!". I found it hard to accept that I was functioning perfectly OK on so few calories.

Then I just settled into the diet and now it's just a way of life. When you see the great results week after week, it just motivates you to want to continue to the end. Also, the support, encouragment and comeraderie you get on these boards is second to none: I couldn't have come this far without it.

Please don't be daunted by the amount you have to lose: I had 12st to lose at my heaviest and now only have 3st 3lb left to go (I'd already lost nearly 3st when I started CD). Check out the WeMITT thread: it's especially for those of us who have (or have had) a lot of weight to lose and need extra support from those who know what it's like to have to go that extra mile!

You've made an important first step by joining minimins - we'll walk the walk alongside you so please don't be afraid: go for it - you'll never regret the decision! :)
Hi InLOKO - Debbie's post sums up everything I was going to say to you! Yes, it is a bit scary but also exciting to think that in just a few months you will be slim and a whole new life will open up to you!

Don't be nervous about finding a cdc - we all honestly do know what it's like and no one will judge you, sweetie!

Good luck and let us know how you get on !
I've just started the sole source program and was very wary about actually discussing everything with a counsellor. I toyed with the idea of just buying products of eBay. In the end the my purse-strings overruled my heart-strings. The prices on eBay are way way higher than going through a counsellor. So I bit the bullet on the basis that I could try it out out and would never need to see the councellor again if it was so bad.

It wasn't bad. at all!

She did not pry, only asked the questions to make sure the diet would be okay for me. Then gave me a full introduction to the diet (which I already knew cos i'd found it on the net). At the end of the day she has some details about me written down on a piece of paper - nobody else will see it. In her line of work I am not the first fat person she has seen. She has used the diet herself to lose weight so know what I'm going through.

I have to admit I think I will use the support forums for advice rather than the counsellor, as there is always someone there.

Anyway, I hope this helps

Dani X
ps Good luck
Hi InL0K0,
Welcome to Minimins. I can honestly say that the Cambridge Diet has saved my life and is the only diet that has ever worked for me! You have nothing to fear I promise you.

I think Kam's link has gone a bit wrong so here's a link to Cambridge Diet's Find a Counsellor page
Cambridge Diet find a counsellor

Wishing you all the best,
Hun - I'm delighted that you've found a smashing cdc so quickly - roll on next Wednesday!!!

I can honestly say that CD saved my life too (even tho I started off on LL! lol). This time last year, I was fat, 40 and fecking suicidal!! Now I've got a new career, am a size 12, with a new partner and the future is very bright indeed!

And I know it's a cliche, but if I can do it, then anyone can! All you have to do is stick to the plan 100% and watch your true self emerge from your fat suit.

Oh and don't worry about 'not giving anything back' - you will find yourself supporting others as they support you as you get more familiar with the site and the lovely people who frequent it (and folk who know how to fix poorly pcs are ALWAYS in demand LMTO!!!)