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new consultants thread


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Congratulations Maxine. Have you started your consulting yet, do you have an area and how do you go about setting up a new class? I expect you are all excited and I hope you are mobbed with new members. Good luck lovely. :happy096:
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aw thank you i start ore training tuesday evening then off to derbyshire 1st & 2nd october then im starting a brand new group in Haddenham (cambridgeshire) 28th october excitied no im bricking it lol
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I have no advice for you since I do mine online but want to wish you best of luck, you'll be fine and will meet plenty of interesting people who will look to you in times of need. Like a slimming world fairy godmother :p
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i'm intrested in becoming a cons so will be watching this thread.
how much do you come out with a week?
how many area meetings do you need to go to?
what are the costs in setting it up?
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hi, costs to start up vary to what you want to start with and how many frachises are on offer, im starting small with one group, and sw like you to be at a "happy" place with your own weight before they decide you would make a consultant, as for what money you make well im not expecting to retire within the next year :)
you can always contact sw on the email addy they have hun
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the best way to find out about becoming a consultant is to go to an opportunity event which your consultant will let you know about when the next one comes up.


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There's usually an ad in the mag for cons, and it states the wages but not the start up costs.

Good luck to all you new consultants ! :D


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Hey Maxine. Good Luck matey. (know each other from another forum) - I know that you will be fantastic because of the advice you already impart (on the other forum) - your support there has been invaluable - and I thank you. Wishing you loadsaluck for Tuesday - but you'll be fantastic.

Let us all know how it goes.

Best Wishes.

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oh congrats on getting it hun. if you feel too nervous to speak, just think of all of us back here cheering you on. you can do it hun!
Hi Maxine, was just reading through some of the posts here and came across this and funnily enough i am gonna be doing my day 1+2 trainning on Oct 1st n 2nd too!!! :-D. I am pre training on Thursday 15th sept. I am going to Derbyshire on the Thursday night as i am flying in from Southern Ireland, i am opening the very first SW group in Co Tipp!!! very excited and nervous lol. I am sure i will be seeing you in Oct :-D have fun till then :-D xx
Yeah would be great at least i will know 1 person lol, i think i may be the only one from ireland this time, am hoping to be staying at the castlewood but gonna confirm all the details of hotel on thurday at pre training. Is there a a pm facility on here and i'll pm you my email address.
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yes you can private message people on the forum, left click on the persons name and it is an option there. I can't remember if you have to have a certain amount of posts though
Yeah think your right there can't seem to pm you as i have only just registered!! hmmmm not good, will defo see you at HO though maxine and i think the castlewood is the travel lodge one so i might be in the same hotel too, will find out for defo on thursday. I am on facebook maxine i just don't like giving out my email on a pubic forum. Are you on facebook maxine at all?

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