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  1. newme763

    newme763 Full Member

    Hi everyone I'm starting a new diary over here in CC. I'm currently 11.1 and I've gone from 12.10 doing SW and WW but my loss has slowed as I approach my goal (10). I'm doing 1380 a day and I'm famous for faffing with the same 3 lb for weeks on and off up and down .... You know how it is ! Anyhoo - I find keeping a diary holds me accountable for my actions and if anyone wants to join me here then all the better ! Happy Saturday folks!! Oh- I'm using MFP which is fab !

    Breakfast 1 slice kingsmill crusts off 47
    1 dairy lea triangle 43

    Soreen banana loaf 89

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  3. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    Hi Newme, found you :) Glad you are back! Good luck with cc hun xx
  4. newme763

    newme763 Full Member

    Thanks Sammy ! How're you ? Must catch up with your diary too! The format of my minimins app has totally changed ! No like ! Don't know how to "like" posts anymore ! Xx
  5. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    Someone mentioned that on another thread I think. Not good when thing get changed for the worse!

    I'm doing fine thanks. Having a 100% June! Lost all of my hol gain and a bit more so very motivated.

    How are you finding cc in comparison to ww? Think I would miss my weeklies too much!
  6. newme763

    newme763 Full Member

    I'm really liking CC. I'm finding I can have plenty for 1380 so really hope it works ! Not sure I'm going to keep up this diary but I will def keep going on the 2014 thread to keep up with you lovely lot. I'm so busy just now. X
  7. KMD

    KMD Silver Member

    Found you!!! :D Good luck and hope you have a fab loss on your first week of calorie counting. I'm here to help you stay on track!!! xxx
  8. newme763

    newme763 Full Member

    This thread is dead lol x I'm back at my WW thread again x

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